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Disclaimer: Although I have tried to keep the news presented here as up to date and accurate as possible using the most reliable sources available at the time, I claim no responsibility for the reliability of information!

3rd April 1997

Thanks to those wackos in the States having that mass suicide, the number of hits to these pages has rocketed from an average 2000-2500 up to a peak of 40000! Most accessed page? Heavens Gate page!!!!! Unfortunately some people have been emailing me from the pages without reading what is actually ON the page .... needless to say, there are some SAD people in the world!

11th April 1997

At last, the UFO newsgroup appears to be up and running, although I now seem to have totally lost contact with it this end ... alt.rock-n-roll.ufo ... get your ISP to include it! Hopefully I'll eventually be able to get back onto it myself!

The new `UFO' will apparently be called Mogg/Way after all ....

Triangle, the support band for some of UFO's Walk On Water tour release a new album in the summer.

17th April 1997

A few bits of information to pass on:
firstly, some of you may have already seen this from Stefan's post to alt.rock-n-roll.classic but there is now the opportunity to get hold of Paul Raymond Project material. According to Stefan this is NOT a bootleg, Paul has remixed a lot of material for it, and this has nothing to do with the Michael Schenker Fan Club. Details can be found here.
Secondly, Tristan is being kept up to date of the new `UFO' offering Mogg/Way, "Download". For the most up to date news on this album follow this link! Tentative release date seems to be about June 24th. Watch this space!

29th April 1997

Back from holiday! You guys in the States certainly know how to enjoy yourselves!
Update on the forthcoming Mogg/Way album: is to be an all vocal songs album except for one instrumental "Totalled" with George Bellas on guitars.

The continuing MS Fan Club Saga: I am hearing more and more frequent reports of orders being fulfilled, so if you are still waiting on a long overdue order, your wait could soon be over!

1st May 1997

Update on the new Paul Raymond Project album, "Raw Material". Unlike I at first thought, this album contains 14 new tracks, and is not a remixed Under The Rising Sun. Apparently it has a blues/rock type feel to it, and so should surprise a few people! Details on how to order can be found as a link from this page.

15th May 1997

News for visitors with an AOL account ... an online chat is being organised with David Van Landing (current MSG vocalist), for details email Ernie Manzo at

16th May 1997

In a hurry to get home, so will be brief! Shrapnel now have a page dedicated to the new Mogg-Way album. Looks like it's going to be called `Edge Of The World'.

6th June 1997

Sorry for the lack of news guys, it's the marking season here at work .. roll on July! Anyway, there haven't been many items of news to report anyway. Tom has heard the new album (Mogg Way) and his views can be found here. A `real audio' sample can be found at the Shrapnel Web page. The new MSG live album, `Story of Michael Schenker' is now available from the Fan Club (usual details). News from the online chat that took place with David Van Landing is that there might be a US tour late this year and he thinks that a new MSG album will be recorded within the year (not official news!). Think that's it!

16th June 1997

Have just received Raw Material, the new Paul Raymond Project album ..... Stefans description of it is pretty accurate, although I have to also say `Quireboys' as well .... but this may be due to the vocalists voice uncanny resemblance to Spike at times! I'll try to write a review sometime soon ... but in the meantime you can order it yourself! The Fan Club saga continues to roll .... I have now heard that Tim is selling the official merchandise from his homepage, and promises to try his best to fulfil orders quickly. That's all for now ...... not long to wait now for the Mogg Way album!

20th June 1997

Michael Schenker Records now has an Email address. If you still haven't received your order you are encouraged by Tristan to send a message, although apparently all orders HAVE now been processed.

And JUST IN .... news that Schenker will be touring with UFO in September .... watch this space!

24th June 1997

Have just heard (and verified with the venue) that UFO (Mogg/Way) are playing at Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday 28th June. Tickets are 10 pounds sterling each, the venues phone number is 0141 429 8676. The girl at the other end of the phone was a bit vague on the line up, or if this was one date of a tour or just a one off. Watch this space for updates!

Edge Of The World should have been released State-side today! According to Wendi, ALL Tower Records should be stocking it in their "RED zones" (US that is).

25th June 1997

FALSE ALARM! Del drove to Glasgow to check details of the Mogg/Way gig and discovered that the gig is actually for a Jazz band called "United Fundamental Organization"! Guess I won't be going after all ......

27th June 1997

Have finally discovered how to get on to the alt.rock-n-roll.ufo newsgroup without going through my systems News server ..... if interested follow this link to Deja News.

1st July 1997

Edge Of The World is well and truly released .... my advice is .... BUY IT!

3rd July 1997

According to Kerrang!, Edge Of The World is due to be released in the UK July 28th on the Roadrunner label. Why a month after the US release? I have no idea!

25th July 1997

Has been a slow month, with no real news. There are fairly strong rumours that Schenker is back in the UFO fold for a tour later this year, but no record planned .. more news on this if I hear anything:

Latest Norum-News at last has at least some UFO connection, the following was from the latest edition of SFK (email

JOHN NORUM recently toured through Japan and recorded a gig at the famed Club Citta in Tokyo for a live album set for release later this year through Zero. Most of the material was off his "Total Control" and "Face The Truth" albums, and he also performed covers of EUROPE's 'Scream Of Anger', FREE's 'Wishing Well' and UFO's 'Natural Thing'.

29th July 1997

Excerpt from `BRAVE RADIO', 28th July, at (Tim Henderson). Nothing really new to what we've already heard but ......

The Michael Schenker Group have just released a 2 1/2 hour long double live monster called The Michael Schenker Story Live. The record documents Michael's entire career from his early and mid-years work with Scorpions and UFO through all phases of MSG, even UFO's Walk On Water. The "MSG" on the record includes members from Yngwie Malmsteen's band, Great King Rat and Mannequin. It is available for 30$ US directly from Michael Schenker Management at 13610 North Scottsdale Rd, Suite 10-108, Scottsdale AZ 85254. 5$ extra for rush delivery). Manager Bella Piper emphasises that although the band has had many differences before, during and since the release of Walk On Water, John Norum had never been hired as a replacement for Schenker. During the worst of the past year, while the band was more on hiatus than broken up, Schenker assembled the band that produced full MSG studio spread Written In The Sand and the new live opus, which was recorded just this past March in Tokyo. Schenker and Phil Mogg are currently working on a UFO record and tour for Fall '97. Also in the Schenker camp, band, family and management are leaving Arizona for Hawaii, where a state-of-the-art home and studio is currently being built...

18th August 1997

Have just come back after a week off, and I'm now trying to catch up with my emails so please be patient! No real news from last report, just the usual rumours flying about .. will update as soon as I know anything!

I have also just updated the Lost Horizons link .. they have a new Internet address

8th September 1997

Just so everyone knows that this page IS still being updated .... haven't heard any substantiated news recently. Still waiting for confirmation of UFO tour in Germany (with Schenker) later this year....

3rd October 1997

I have just started a new job, and moved house so sorry for the lack of news, as it happens what follows is very recent anyway! I will be adding more details to all the following when I've established a decent computer connection from my new job!
Firstly, I have managed to register my old work account for another year so you won't need to update your bookmarks. I also have a new home address and phone no. ... I will update the relevant page as soon as I can.

The UFO tour in Germany has been announced, it starts on 7th December, again, tour dates to be added very soon... and yes, the line-up for the tour seems to be the same as for the fateful US tour.

According to Kerrang! UFO are to release a 'new' album called 'Walk On Water' in the UK on 27th October through Eagle Records. I'm assuming that there'll be no difference from this issue to the one we've all had for two years ... but I will check it out anyway!

I also have some news of the whereabouts of members of the most recent MSG lineup which will be added as soon as I have access to cut and paste!

6th October 1997

Nearly back to normal! I have moved .. new address and phone number can be found HERE. The promised news, from Brave Radio ...

Guitarist Jeff Kollman has teamed up with former MSG and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN members Shane Gaalass (drums) and Barry Sparks (bass) in a new, all-instrumental project called COSMOSQUAD. Kollman said, "The record stretches out much more stylistically than our previous instrumental stuff. It mixes funk, a hint of Texas blues, jazz, Latin rhythms and rock. It sounds like a record and not a hodge-podge of experimenting with styles"...

and the UFO German/Belgium tour dates as complete as I presently know can be found at the Tour Dates page. The tour is under the title 'UFO in Originalbesetzung - Michael Schenker, Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Paul Raymond, Simon Wright' with a serious tour promoter.

10th October 1997

New date for UFO tour in Holland (thanks Erik!): November 25, in Tilburg (Noorderligt Theatre). Saratago Winners MSG concert looking decidedly dodgy!

New service provided below! Don't know how well it works yet, but by sending your email in the form below you should get an email when I update this page .......

15th October 199

According to Tim (who as a MSR rep should be on the button) no-one seems to know about the MSG concert at Saratago Winners ... so assume it's not happening!
Have also heard news of a new UFO CD, titled `On With The Action', which is the complete Roundhouse concert from April 1976 .... so time to replace those dodgy hissy bootlegs! Don't know who it is due to be released through though, or it which countries .. watch this space!

17th October 1997

Regular updates! Feels just like old times! Just to let you know that some more dates (Germany in January 1988) have been added.

21st October 1997

In MSG related news, according to Brave Radio GRAHAM BONNET has a new solo album out in Japan called Underground. Sorry, I have no other details at present!

Have just bought the new Nov. issue of Metal Hammer which has an advert for the forthcoming release of Walk on Water. Text reads:
"The legendary UFO are back! With their brand new studio album (!!!!! - dave) 'Walk On Water'. European version includes 2 re-recorded classics 'Doctor Doctor' and 'Lights Out' (as Japanese -dave) PLUS 3 special bonus tracks. Out 27.10 European tour in November - watch press for details..."
I have no idea what the 3 bonus tracks are, but sounds like it's so that the die-hard fans who bought import copies are going to have to fork out again! More updates as I get them!

24th October 1997

There's been a more complete tour itinery to the end of the year on the tour dates page for a couple of days now, and I have been informed that the first date, Cascais, is in Portugal not Spain as originally advertised ..... ! Thanks Azara!

New (European) release due out on Monday .... have got a copy reserved and will give details of any differences between this and the 1995 version on Tuesday!

27th October 1997

I have a copy of the European Walk On Water in my grubby little mitts! Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but it looks like it's exactly the same as the Japanese release minus (thankfully) the `Message for Japan' but with the additional bonus tracks - no remixing or anything. Before those of you who have been keeping their collections up to date rush out and get a copy the 'bonus' tracks are 'Fortune Town' (Mogg/Way), 'I Will Be There' (MSG) and 'Public Enemy #1' (Paul Raymond Project). Again they seem to be lifted directly off their respective albums.

28th October 1997

Maybe I should point out that the Japanese release differs from the US release in that the tracks are in a different order and the Jap release (and the new European one) contains a new 'Lights Out' as well as 'Doctor Doctor' ....

Also ... another geographical error in the tour list! Vosselar (23rd Nov) is in Belgium, not France! I hope the guy who wrote the list isn't driving the tour bus!

29th October 1997

The talked about live CD 'On With The Action', featuring the well travelled 'Roundhouse Tapes' from 1976 is to be released by a UK company 'Zoom Club Records' ZCRCD1. The track listing is:
Intro/Can You Roll Her / Doctor Doctor / Oh My / Out On The Streets / Highway Lady / I'm A Loser / Let It Roll / This Kids /Shoot Shoot / Rock Bottom / C'mon Everybody / Boogie For George.
"They've digitally re-mastered the show from the original Abbey Road archive tapes and the packaging features a lot of rare archive photos and info as well a s sleeve notes from Michael Pincher at the appreciation soc. The record won't be available in the UK until early '98, but it can be bought directly from them at a cost of 10.99 inc P+P. They accept Visa / Mastercard. Y ou can call them on 0181 401 2904 or Fax us on 0181 401 6356."

This weeks 'Kerrang' has a review of Walk On Water.

30th October 1997

News on Leif Sundin, follow this link!

4th November 1997

Should have made news on 'On With The Action' clearer! Am pretty sure that it is only the UK which has to wait until next year, the CD has already been released in the rest of Europe, and according to Wendi can be found in the import sections of Virgin in the States.

There are also some corrections to the (Spanish) tour dates.

11th November 1997

Provisional UK Tour Dates leaked by MGAB (February 1988)!

I have also been sent an email advertising "COSMOSQUAD"; an instrumental album out together by Jeff Kollman, Barry Sparks, and Shane Gaalaas (as reported above). Details can be found here.

12th November 1997

Support act for the European UFO tour is Danger, Danger.

Also, please note that the Barcelona date on the tour dates list has reverted back to the 16th .....

14th November 1997

Not a good start! I have just been told that the opening gig of the European tour in Portugal was cancelled at the last minute. I have no more information at this time, but hopefully it won't affect the remainder of the tour and the band will reschedule this concert ... (thanks Jose for the news!).

18th November 1997

Madrid concert (Nov 14th) went ahead as scheduled, I don't have a complete set list, but apparently they played the entire Strangers set along with at least Venus, Pushed To The Limit and Self Made Man from Walk On Water after starting with Electric Phase. First encore was Doctor Doctor, and Rock Bottom, and they came on again to play Shoot Shoot. Running to form (from the 95 US tour at least) they started hours late after 2 support bands (I assume one was Danger, Danger) .. and then went on to play for a further two hours.

The comments I have are that the band sounded fresh, and that one of the highlights was (predictably) Love To Love.

Thanks to Alberto and Salvador for the update!

20th November 1997

Review added of Barcelona UFO gig. Thanks Nano for all your info!

Now a quick note for UK visitors ... I was burgled over the weekend and had a load of UFO/MSG CD's stolen. If anyone in the Coventry area comes across UFO bootlegs or Japanese imports for sale please get in touch - they're probably mine!

24th November 1997

Apparently all but the Paris shows in France were cancelled due to poor ticket sales ... come on everybody (no pun intended!) get the word out!

Review added of Paris gig.

Have been asked where Nidrum in Belgium is ..... (Dec 13th gig). It seems that it's a really small town in the middle of nowhere ... that doesn't appear on many maps ..... but the venue is pretty good! Anyway, Nidrum is 5 miles east of Malmedy and Butgenbach, both of which should be on any map of Belgium.

25th November 1997

Check out this Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Survey. UFO are doing absolutely pitifully at the moment ..... you know what to do, so do it now!

28th November 1997

New tour dates added (Germany on Jan 15 and 24, Austria Jan 28 and 29).

1st December 1997

Lost Horizons have moved! Please check the new address by following the link (email address is the same)!

It appears that the news of cancelled dates in France were premature! They did play the two other gigs in France: 800 turned in Lyon and a very poor 200 in Mulhouse the show in Paris was a sell out. Thanks Max for the update!

On a more black-humorous note, it would seem that there has been some confusion in Japan over the death of Michael Hutchence (lead singer of INXS who hung himself a week ago). It would seem that some CD shops in Japan are conducting tribute sales of Michael Schenkers albums, it has been heard of that fans of Michael have also been writing tribute messages on a big picture of him which is posted on the wall of a music studio in Tokyo! I may have missed something major over the weekend, but UFO DID play their 29th Nov gig. My advice is, if the shops are selling reduced price CDs make the most of it before they realise!

10th December 1997

Dirty Deeds have been named as the support band for the tour. After these gigs the band are off supporting Iron Maiden on their world tour.

Issue 5 of Misty Green and Blue is now out, and should be in the post if you've subscribed. If you haven't .. then WHY HAVEN'T YOU! DO IT NOW!

Still keeping track of John Norum? It has recently been announced that he has replaced George Lynch in Dokken.

12th December 1997

I was sent a Charitable Request a while ago and promised to post it here, after all it is nearly the 'season of goodwill' etc. etc. . PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER!

24th December 1997

A very happy Christmas and a merry New Year to all the visitors to these pages! Thanks for all the emails and support over the past year and keep checking back for lots more UFO news next year!

15th January 1998

A belated Happy New Year! Not much news to report apart from it being less than a month before the guys reach the UK! Talking of which, Stefan is offering discounted hotel rooms in London for the Astoria gig if you book through him, he has also set up a Paul Raymond Project web page, both can be found at

I have also heard that Robert Palmer (see 'Charitable Request' above') died during the holidays.

Finally, yes, I am aware that the UFO newsgroup appears to have vanished from at least Deja News .. am looking into it!

16th January 1998

Have managed to track down the newsgroup again! Button should now work. Thanks for everyone's help!

19th January 1998

Hot off the press! UFO are to tour Japan in April. So far I have only three dates, Osaka, IMP Hall 21st April, Tokyo Sunplaza Hall 24th and 25th April. Thanks to Takashi Toda and Ritchie Blackmore Araki for the news.

A US release of Walk On Water is imminent distributed through CMC International Records (finally!).

The European tour is still rolling ... the Stuttgart show last night was sold out (thanks whoever sent the news ... your email didn't tell me your name!) and it would appear that Schenker has had an image change .. short black hair, no cap, and sunglasses! Whatever happened to the good old fashioned Guitar Hero look!

I have now tidied up a little, and news items from April to October 1997 can be found in the Archives.

22nd January 1998

Have heard rumours of a MSG tour in Europe during April (I guess early April before UFO go to Japan) .... more news as I get it!

Radio Gong have sent me an address for loads of photos from the UFO concert in Nuremburg, Germany .. have a look! Thanks Jan!

3rd February 1998

Another Japanese date has been added, 22nd April. Nagoya, Diamond Hall. Also, Jim has told me that Walk On Water is to be officially released in the United States March 10th on CMC International.

6th February 1998

If anyone is going to the Wolverhampton gig next Tuesday and wants to meet up drop me a line!

Hot off the press .. apparently it was announced at the Blue Oyster Cult show last night at the Edge in Palo Alto, Ca, USA that UFO are booked in for two nights in April. The band Vicious Rumours (very appropriate) will be opening - Thanks Hock for the news!

10th February 1998

UFO concert at the Edge is on April 16th 1998. Edge have a Web site!G3 tour in the UK in May featuring Joe Satriani, MSG and very special guests ... dates as soon as I can get hold of them!

11th February 1998

Went to the Wolverhampton gig yesterday and it was AWESOME! If you still have the chance to go .. DO IT!
MSG dates have now been added to the tour dates page.
Peter Davis I can't seem to reply to your emails!
Hi to Pete Ways father-in-law if you pass by these pages!

13th February 1998

Cambridge UFO gig - yes I have heard what happened, and all I will say is don't believe everything you hear and don't jump to conclusions because they're likely to be wrong. For those that weren't there, which I guess is most people(!), the band played the full set minus the two encores, the reason that was given was that Michael had hurt his hand although apparently some of the roadies were coming up with alternative excuses. Shades of '95 when exactly these kinds of comments caused false rumours and accusations all over the 'Net .... which, believe me, do get back to the band. So if you were at the Cambridge gig and are thinking of posting a scathing message somewhere on the 'Net please stop and calm down; remember that first and foremost we are FANS and should want to support these guys through thick and thin, whatever's going on. Just think of the pleasure they've given you through 25 years of recordings, it's the least we can do in return. Sorry if this seems over the top to some people, but I had to get it off my chest!

Oh yes, another date on the G3 tour list on the 15th at Glasgow.

16th February 1998

Glad to say that my fears weren't realised and the tour is back to full strength with a strong show at Glasgow over the weekend.

First Edge gig on April 16th. The second date has been added to the Edge show, but apparently tickets won't go on sale for a couple of weeks .......

20th February 1998

Kerrang! has finally lost any credibility it had left... this weeks edition had a short `review' of UFO at Southampton and totally slammed. If it had been well written and had fair criticisms then fair enough, but I'm sure a 5 year old could write better. To give you the gist of it, the final sentence went along the lines of `these guys have been churning out the same thing for 30 years, but no-one's interested any more.' Could've fooled me from the sold-out Sheffield gig last night.....

24th February 1998

UK tour is now over, and all in all I think it was pretty successful. The final date in London wasn't the best musically, but there was a great atmosphere both on and off the stage.
I have been told that the Edge are not putting tickets for the second night on sale until the first night has sold out, so it's probably best to buy one of those rather than wait for the second night to go on sale.
This was in this weeks Brave Radio email: "Strong rumour suggests that Maiden will be headlining a Monsters Of Rock affair this summer in North America, alongside the reformed U.F.O., DIO, W.A.S.P. and Yngwie Malmsteen."
Watch out for some juicy news about the G3 tour soon...

5th March 1998

Sorry for the recent radio silence, I've had to do some work! The second night at the Edge, April 17th, is now official and tickets are on sale......
Also looks like a couple more dates may be added to the Japan tour, although nothing definite yet. Seems that Sunplaza hall has been reserved for April 26th.... and an additional gig in Nagoya is probable (according to Pollstar).

Reminder: Walk On Water US release date 10th March, through CMC International. Jim points out that all the bands he saw listed for the Monsters of Rock line-up (in his case Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Saxon & UFO) are CMC artists...

10th March 1998

Walk On Water released in US today!

News of the G3 tour (now that it's already in the public domain)..... as things stand at the moment it looks like Gary Barden will be guesting on two or three songs with MSG (David Van Landing being the main vocalist), and I have it on good authority that joining Satriani and MSG on the bill is Uli Jon Roth: this is from his Web page:
"In May and June Roth will perform on the G3 tour together with two other guitar masters, Joe Satriani and Michael Schenker. Roth's band will include the stunning lead vocalist Liz Vandall (ex-Sahara) from Los Angeles and Clive Bunker on drums (Jethro Tull / Electric Sun). It will be his first tour in the rock field since 14 years, thus giving his fans the chance to see this true guitar genius on stage at last. His repertoire will include pieces from various stages of his career."

Extra UFO date at Nakano Sunplaza (Japan) on 26th April has now been confirmed and tickets are on sale!

11th March 1998

A full list of the G3 dates for Europe has now been added to the tour dates page.

13th March 1998

Another date has been added to the UFO concerts at The Edge.... 15th April.

24th March 1998

UFO gig on April 17th is now sold out! News from Brave radio... MSG have tentatively set up a one-off concert in Tempe, Arizona on May 11th at Gibson's. Confirmation when I get it!

7th April 1998

Today I have some extremely sad news. From todays Guardian newspaper, Cozy Powell has died in a car crash here in the UK. There aren't many details, but as soon as I get some I will add them here (subject to Easter disruption of my Internet access). The full report in the paper can be found on the main page. For the next few days I have only basic/no access to my files, but I will set up some special pages as soon as I can and will make space available for people to leave messages.

16th April 1998

There is an Official Cozy Powell web site at this address. This would seem to be a more appropriate place to leave messages so I will not be setting up that facility on these pages.

The Edge show last night apparently only lasted for 45 minutes before Schenker left the stage mid solo during Venus, leaving the rest of the band mystified.. or at least this is the version I have been told so far. I will hopefully provide a reliable update soon so watch this space. In the meantime please have another read of 13th February entry! I have no news of the remaining two dates.

17th April 1998

The Edge update! Show went ahead last night as scheduled, and apart from some minor glitches apparently rocked! The 15th April aborted show has been rescheduled to Saturday 18th April, and I have also heard that if tickets are not used then refunds can be obtained after the 20th.

Patrick Rondat will be playing in the G3 tour instead of Roth in France... the dates for which have been updated.

I have been told that Venus is getting good airplay in the Chicago area on 'The Loop' (I would put the frequency but a power cut at work has reduced me to using an extremely old and useless machine so I can't check details!). A suggestion has been made to mail-bomb requests to radio stations with email addresses who don't play it at all... I'd suggest finding out about your local stations, or if someone is prepared to compile a list of stations to email then let me know and I'll give you some publicity!

20th April 1998

Have been reliably informed that the main reason for Schenker bailing out on Wednesday was that he was ill and couldn't perform up to standard. From accounts I have been sent the rescheduled show went ahead at full speed on Saturday with some appropriate comments by Moggy about the restless crowd three nights previously!

Email Jerome ( ) with radio stations in the States who are refusing to play Venus more than occasionally, along with stations that have seen sense. Hopefully up to date copies of this list will be posted on these pages periodically so that we can sort them out!

Finally, the new album from Dirty Deeds (support band for UFO) is released in the UK and Europe on 27th April. European tour supporting Iron Maiden starts on 26th April in Lille, France (follow link for full list of dates). I've had a Jap import of the CD for a while now and must admit that it's good. Not quite UFO, it's certainly heavier, with, I think it's fair to say, some Powerslave era Maiden influence in some of the songs. If you saw them during the UFO tour then you know what they're like... go out and give them some support!

21st April 1998

The May edition of 'Bassist' magazine includes an interview with Pete (one side of text, plus two pictures). Due to copyright I will not be typing it up just yet... I'm pretty sure it's a UK only publication, but the magazine can be emailed at

Laurence Archer has a new six-track sampler CD which can be purchased from him for a cost of 10 pound sterling (plus postage). For details email him at

22nd April 1998

Yet another news item! Another magazine interview, this time in 'The Guitar Magazine', email Again I think it is a Europe only publication. This time it's a piece on Schenker... a sold-out European tour isn't enough, but be a support slot to Satch and suddenly you're news... again copyright prevents me typing it up just yet, but some gems from it include

'An interesting, maybe even volatile situation' (Satriani on MSG joining him on the G3 tour)

'This UFO line-up is just unique and I cannot put it into words. I don't have to worry about anyone else because they are taking care of themselves. All I have to worry about is my guitar playing, and that's how I like it. But it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how good the musicians are, it has to do with everything. If there were a definable formula for bands then everybody would discover it, but they don't. So there's a certain magic there with the band- The Rolling Stones will tell you the same.' (Schenker on the current UFO line-up)

Whatever your views on individual members of the band, I don't think any of us will disagree with that!

24th April 1998

Some worrying news from Japan: apparently Schenker aborted the April 24th show after only 40 minutes, after apologising into the mike. News coming in does not sound too promising, but for now I will leave it at that until I have a better idea of what happened... as usual, please read my 13th Feb guidelines for events like this!

29th April 1998

Sorry for lack of updates due to a mix of bad computer links and work! Anyway, the final two Japan shows were cancelled and it looks like UFO have split up again. From information I have it certainly looks like there won't be an immediate reunion, but I wouldn't write off something happening once the dust has settled. In related news, according to Brave Radio this is the week, in 1983, that both Thin Lizzy and UFO split up!

For details of the last UFO album, Walk On Water, click HERE.

Details of the last MSG album, Written In The Sand can be found HERE.
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