News On Leif Sundin
(From interview with John Norum)
From Swedish guitar mag "Fuzz" November nr 9
Translated by Micael Hamberg

John Norum quote:

"I'm very happy with my current band. We have an incredibly good singer in Leif Sundin who I think is the best rock singer in Sweden. He made a record with Michael Schenker, that is only released in Japan, and that's where I spotted him. Leif phoned me once when he was in Phoenix to record and suggested that we should do something together. Because of problems with his work permit in US he couldn't join Schenker on the US tour. Now we have a whole bunch of gigs in Sweden and then we are going to write for the next album planned to be released in the beginning of 1998."

Later in the article

"We have made some live gigs in Japan (released on the album Face it Live 97) with the new band (singer Leif Sundin, Hempo Hillden on drums and Anders Festader on Bass) and when I listened to it I heard that now I finally got my ultimate guitar sound"

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