Released June 24th 1997 (July 28th in the UK)

Band members: Phil Mogg, Pete Way, George Bellas (guitar), Ansley Dunbar (drums). Produced by Mike Varney, recorded for Shrapnel Records.

A full review will appear soon once I've had some quality time with this album, but first impressions are very favourable!

Overall the album is certainly heavier than anything Phil Mogg has been involved with in the past, although in this respect the style compares favourably to some Waysted material. I guess though as a VERY rough guide this album is High Stakes meets Misdemeanor meets Walk On Water meets Passion and Warfare! Having said that though, I think it should be seen as a project by itself and not be compared too heavily to the `classic' UFO albums ... in this respect it's good, whether by design or legalities, that this is Mogg/Way and not UFO. The performances of Phil and Pete are as strong as ever, Ansley Dunbar rocks out a strong beat throughout, and George Bellas .... well what can I say? If you're looking for a Schenker substitute you'll be disappointed (the closest he comes is, predictably, on Mother Mary, but even then he stamps his own authority all over it), this guy certainly has a different style, but having said that he is GOOD! I get the feeling that he's happier doing solo work (just check out Totalled), and he doesn't fully gel with the rest of the band on this CD. If further albums are planned however, I think that this will be rectified. The album isn't perfect, there are a few times when you get that `deja vu' feeling, especially on the first time through (listen to Fortune Town and see what you think ....), and sometimes Bellas does get a little carried away, but hey, how many albums do you have that ARE perfect!

If this album proves one thing, then it's that however much we all loved Walk On Water, and however much most of us want to see the `classic' line up try again, there is a future for Phil and Pete and it's name is Mogg/Way! Buy it!

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