Tom's (early) views ......

(After hearing the new effort over the phone)

I heard the new Mogg/Way album. Man, you guys, get ready for one helluva rockin' album. This kicks major ass!!! Quote me on this..."This album is the final word as to who in UFO had the talent and songwriting skills." Hands down this simply kills.

The finalized track listing is as follows:

1) Change Brings A Change
2) All Out Of Luck
3) Gravy Train
4) Fortune Town
5) Highwire
6) Saving Me From Myself
7) Mother Mary - Man you guys have to hear this one. It rocks much harder than on Strangers, and it's a little slower.
8) House Of Pain
9) It's A Game
10) History Of Flames
11) Spell On You
12) Totalled

Minimal keyboards. No acoustic guitar. Just in your face rockin' guitar. Bellas is awesome!!!! He doesn't shred as much as he does on his solo effort, but he does let loose and man is it a treat. Production quality is okay, very raw. Not quite as good as Walk On Water, but much better than the Bellas' solo stuff. Varney didn't produce it. Larry Brewster was the engineer or somebody like that, so don't count on the typical Mike "I hate Mid-range" Varney recording.

From hearing it, it doesn't have a lot of variety in my opinion. It's just rocker after rocker. Very consistent. Much heavier than MS's WITS. This is UFO's most heaviest record.

Tom Klemzak

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