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Welcome to the first UFO homepage on the internet ! For the latest news on the new album then go to HERE .

There was a posting to the newsgroup alt.rock-n-roll.hard from Bella Piper (UFO management) with news on what's been going on with the fan club, and how to get a copy of 'Walk ...'. to read a copy of the posting go HERE.

Also, NEW is the tour dates for UFO in the USA. These have been updated recently with some NEW DATES.

The list of Mail order companies has stopped growing ! I can reccommend the 'Lost Horizons' one for rare and hard to get recordings, but I am STILL waiting to hear from a a few more ! The best way to get a copy of the NEW album however would be to get a copy through the UFO fan club, you won't get ripped off that way !

Also fairly NEW is a list of all the studio tracks, with links to the details of the albums they came from. This just took me ages to finish, so I hope at least someone gets some use out of it ! The list is HERE.

But while you're waiting I have finally managed a review of the new album (it's my first attempt at a review of anything .. so go easy on me !) and there is also track listings and lyrics. For a more objective review try HERE, a contribution (thanks Tom !) from someone who's obviously done this sort of thing before !

I have also started a new section for lyrics, started off by a contribution (thanks !) - as always I never seem to have enough time to do everything that I want to, but new additions should arrive there every so often !

Also check out the section on UFO Bootlegs.

The Tabulature section is another one that I never seem to have time to add to, but I have now included details of a book that was published in '86 that I have .... if anyone has any success getting hold of it please let me know !

Those of you with Netscape viewers or similar may have noticed the addition of backrounds on most of the pages, if you find that this makes it impossible to read the let me know and I'll change the colours or something !

I have also, except for a few links to add, finished the 'brief history of UFO' it's taken me ages on and off to get around to typing it in so PLEASE READ IT !

All that's left to say is thanks for all the encouraging e-mails, they are appreciated, and a special thanks to Kino for all his help (especially getting me a copy of "Walk ..", to Mike for the lyrics and Schenker logo and to Yas for the bootleg !

Keep rocking !


Last updated 13/7/95

Read the latest news on the NEW ALBUM

TOUR DATES FOR THE USA - last updated 13/7/95

My review of the NEW ALBUM

Another (more objective ?) review from Tom McDonald

And a review of the NEW ALBUM from Kino in Japan.

List of mail order companies who can supply UFO and related material.

Any additions please e-mail me !

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