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Acceptance And Forgiveness Schenker
Action Schenker/Schenker/Meine/Dzions/Heimberg
A Fool For Love Carter/Mogg
A Fool In Love Miller/Fraser
Ain't Life Sweet Mogg/Way/Archer/Edwards
Ain't No Baby Way/Mogg
All Over You Carter/Mogg
All The Way From Memphis Ian Hunter
Alone Again Or Macclean
Alpha Centauri Chapman
* Another Piece Of Meat Rarebell/R.Schenker
Another Saturday Night Gray/Mogg
Anyday Chapman/Mogg
Anytime Mann/McAuley
Arbrory Hill Schenker
Armed And Ready Schenker/Barden
A Self Made Man Schenker/Mogg
Assault Attack Schenker/Bonnet/Glen/McKenna
Attack Of The Mad Axeman Schenker/Barden
At War With The World McClendon/Mogg
Back Door Man Archer/Mogg
Back Into My Life
Bad Boys Schenker/McAuley
Bad For Each Other Black/Spencer Sercombe/Nash
Belladonna Schenker/Mogg
Between A Rock And A Hard Place McClendon/Mogg
Bijou Pleasurette Schenker
Broken Promises Schenker/Bonnet/Glen
Blinded By A Lie Carter/Mogg
Blue Gray/Mogg
Boogie Way/Mogg/Parker/Bolton
Borderline Way/Mogg
Born To Lose Schenker/Way/Mogg
Built For Comfort Willie Dixon
Burnin' Fire Way/Mogg
But I Want More Schenker/Barden
Call My Name Carter/Mogg
Can You Roll Her Peyronel/Mogg/Parker
Captain Nemo Schenker
Chains, Chains Way/Mogg
Cherry Way/Mogg
C'Mon Everybody Cochrane/Capeheart
* Coast To Coast R.Schenker
Couldn't Get It Right Chapman/Way/Mogg
Courage And Confidence Schenker
Crazy Newton/McAuley
Cry For The Nations Schenker/Barden
Crystal Light Schenker/Mogg
Dancer Schenker/Bonnet
Dance Your Life Away Schenker/Mogg
Darker Days Schenker/Mogg
Deisel In The Dust Carter/Mogg
Desert Song Schenker/Bonnet
Destiny Mann/McAuley
Doctor Doctor Schenker/Mogg
Doctor, Doctor '95 Schenker/Mogg
Doing It All For You
Don't Stop Me Now Schenker/McAuley
Don't Want To Lose You Way/Mogg
Dreaming Of Summer Schenker/Mogg
Dream The Dream Raymond/Mogg
Easy Money McClendon/Mogg
Electric Phase Way/Mogg/Schenker
Endless Possibility Schenker
Escape From The Box Schenker
Eve Schenker/McAuley
Faith & Trust Schenker
Feel It
Feels Like A Good Thing Schenker/Barden
Flying UFO
Follow The Night Schenker/McAuley
Follow You Home Way
Get Down To Bizness Newton/McAuley
Get Out Schenker/McAuley
Gettin' Ready Schenker/Mogg
Gimme Your Love Newton/McAuley
Give Her The Gun Schenker/Mogg ?
Gone In The Night Chapman/Mogg
Good Rockin Tonight Roy Brown
Hang On To Yourself David Bowie
Harmony Schenker
Heavens Gate McClendon/Mogg
Here Today - Gone Tommorrow Schenker/McAuley
Don't Stop Me Now Schenker/McAuley
High Flyer Schenker/Mogg
Highway Lady Peyronel
Hot 'n' Ready Schenker/Mogg
Humbleness Schenker
Hunger In The Night McClendon/Mogg/Gray
I Am Your Radio Newton/Stewart
I Don't Wanna Lose Schenker/McAuley
If This Is Love Steven Pasch/Anthony Krizan/Black
I'm A Loser Schenker/Mogg
I'm Going Mad Schenker/Schenker/Meine/Dzions/Heimberg
I'm Gonna Make You Mine Nye/Barden/Schenker/McKenna
Invincible Schenker/McAuley
In Search Of Peace Of Mind Schenker/Schenker/Meine/Dzions/Heimberg
Intimate Outrage Spiro/Dan Hutt/Phil Nash
Into The Arena Schenker/Barden
It All DependsSchenker/Schenker/Meine/Dzions/Heimberg
It's Killing Me Way/Mogg
Joy Schenker
Just Another Suicide Mogg
Kiss By Kiss Michael Thompson/Mark Spiro
Knock, Knock Way/Mogg
Leave Me Schenker/Schenker/Meine/Dzions/Heimberg
Let It Rain
Let It Roll Schenker/Mogg
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Schenker/Barden/Glen/Powell/raymond
Let The Good Time Roll Archer/Mogg
Lettin' Go Chapman/Way/Mogg
Lights Out Schenker/Mogg/Parker/Way
Lights Out '95 Schenker/Mogg/Parker/Way
Lipstick Traces Schenker
Lonely Heart Chapman/Way/Mogg
Lonely Nights Schenker/McAuley
Lonesome Crow Schenker/Schenker/Meine/Dzions/Heimberg
Long Gone Chapman/Mogg
Looking For Love Schenker/Barden
Lookin' Out For No. 1 Way/Mogg
Lookin' Out For No. 1 (reprise) Way
Looking Out From Nowhere Schenker/Barden
Lost Horizon Schenker/Barden
Loud Guitars, Fast Cars And Wild, Wild Livin' Gregg Fulkerson/Spears/Black
Love And Kindness Schenker
Love Deadly Love Way/Mogg
* Lovedrive R.Schenker/Meine
Love Is Not A Game Schenker/McAuley/Nelson
Love Lost Love Schenker/Mogg
Love To Love Schenker/Mogg
Makin Moves Chapman/Mogg
Martian Landscape Peyronel
Meanstreets McClendon/Mogg
Money Money Way/Mogg
Mother Mary Schenker/Mogg/Way/Parker
Mystery Train Parker/Phillips
Name Of Love McClendon/Mogg
Natural Thing Schenker/Mogg/Way
Never Trust A Stranger Raymond
Nightmare Schenker/McAuley
Night Run Gray/Mogg/McClendon
No Getaway Chapman/Carter/Mogg
No Place To Run Chapman/Mogg
No Time For Losers Schenker/McAuley
Oh My Schenker/Mogg/Way/Parker
On And On Schenker/Barden
One Heart Gray/Mogg/McClendon
One More For The Rodeo Way/Mogg
One Of Those Nights Way/Mogg/Archer
Only You Can Rock Me Way/Schenker/Mogg
On With The Action Schenker/Mogg
Open And Willing Schenker
Out In The Street Way/Mogg
Pack It Up (and go) Way/Schenker/Mogg
Paradise Schenker/McAuley
Patience And Tolerance Schenker
Peace Schenker
Positive Forward Schenker
Primed For Time Archer/Mogg
Prince Kajuku UFO
Profession Of Violence Chapman/Mogg
Pushed To The Limit Schenker/Mogg
Push, It's Love Carter/Mogg
Queen Of The Deep Schenker/Mogg
Ready To Rock Schenker/Barden
Reasons Love Schenker/Mogg
Red Sky Schenker/Barden/Glen/McKenna/Luis
Revolution Way/Mogg
Rock Bottom Schenker/Mogg
Rock Boyz, Rock McClendon/Mogg/Simpson/Gray
Rock My Nights Away Nye/Barden
Rock 'Til You're Crazy Schenker/McAuleySchenker/McAuley
Rock You To The Ground Schenker/Bonnet
Running On Empty Schenker/Mogg
Running Up The Highway Way/Mogg
Samurai Schenker/Bonnet/Glen
Save Yourself Schenker/McAuley
Searching For A Reason
Secondary Motion Schenker/Barden
Shadow Of The Night Schenker/McAuley
Shake It About
She's The One Archer/Mogg
Shoot Shoot Schenker/Mogg/Way/Parker
Silver Bird UFO
Something Else
Space Child Schenker/Mogg
Stand Tim Freehan/Brian Macleod
Star Storm UFO
Still Love That Little Devil Schenker/Barden
Stopped By A Bullet (Of Love) Schenker/Mogg
Sweet Little Thing Schenker/Mogg ?
Systems Failing Schenker/Barden
Take It Or Leave It Raymond
Take Me Back Newton/Stewart
Tales Of Mystery Schenker/Barden
The Coming Of Prince Kajuku UFO
The Dogs Of War Schenker/Barden
The Only Ones Gray/Mogg
There Has To Be Another Way Schenker
The Way The Wild Wind Blows Chapman/Carter/Mogg
The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent Chapman/Mogg
The Writer
This Broken Heart Schenker/McAuley
This Fire Burns Tonight Chapman/Mogg
This Is My Heart Newton/McAuley/Schenker/Mann/Schopf/Nelson
This Kids Schenker/Mogg
This Night Is Gonna Last Forever Newton/Stewart
This Time Gray/Mogg
Time Schenker/McAuley/Newton
Time On My Hands Schenker/Mogg
Time Waits (for no one) Nye/Barden
Tonight You're Mine Pash/Krizan
Too Hot To Handle Way/Mogg
Too Much of Nothing Way
Too Young To No Way/Mogg
Treacle People
Truth Schenker
Try Me Schenker/Mogg
Unidentified Flying Objects
Venus Schenker/Mogg
Victim Of Illusion Schenker/Barden
Walk The Stage Schenker/Barden
We Believe In Love Schenker/McAuley
We Belong To The Night
What Happens To Me Schenker/McAuley
What We Need Schenker/McAuley
When I'm Gone Harms/Mcauley
When It's Time To Rock Chapman/Mogg
Who Do You Love McDaniel
Wreckless McClendon/Mogg
You And Me Carter/Mogg
You'll Get Love
Young Blood Way/Mogg

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