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The new album is avaliable through the UFO fan club/ record label, details are HERE. If you're going to buy the album, this is the best place to get it from, so that the money you pay goes to the right people, and so you don't get ripped off !

Dave's reccommendation !

Is a specialist Schenker related music mail-order store based in Japan. They have a wide range of MSG, UFO material, including rare and collectable items (as well as Scorpions, Waysted, Lone Star etc.). To order stuff send no money, but say what you want, they will then reserve the items if they have them in stock, and send you a bill. They also have a new catalogue of items avaliable.

If you order anything, or request anything PLEASE MENTION MY NAME AND WHERE YOU SAW THIS ADVERT. At present they are getting FREE advertising , and that won't change until they know it's working ! If you're after UFO related material though, they are well worth checking out !

The address is:

Lost Horizons
Mancho Bldg. #403
3-8-10 Chiyoda, Naka-Ku
Nagoya 460

I have also been told of a place in the US that can supply import copies of stuff from Japan . They are based in Wisconson, and are called 'Planet Music'. Telephone numbers are 414-375-7080 or FAX 414-375-2742, or they can be found at

I now have a UK address, but the new CD will set you back 29.95 pounds sterling,sounds like a rip-off to me ! Get it from the UFO Fan Club ! But you may be able to get some odd stuff from here ?
Anyway the details are:
Compact Disc Services
Magnum House
140 Seagate
Tel. 01382 776595; Fax. 01382 736702.

I accept NO responsibility for any dealings with any mail order companies listed here, and reccommend that you try and get the album through UFO Records !

Watch this space !

Last updated 7/6/95

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