Michael Schenker


Should easily fit on a 90 minute tape

Side 1

Save Yourself MSG 1989
I'm A Loser UFO 1976
Reasons Love UFO 1976
Doctor Doctor (live) UFO 1974
Rock Bottom UFO 1974
Too Hot To Handle UFO 1977
Hot 'n' Ready UFO 1978
Let It Roll UFO 1975
Built For Comfort UFO 1974
Only You Can Rock Me UFO 1978
Pack It Up UFO 1978
Arbrory Hill UFO 1978

Side 2

It All Depends Scorpions 1972
Get Out MSG 1987
All The Way From Memphis Contraband 1991
Love Drive Scorpions 1979
Cry For The Nations MSG 1980
Lost Horizons MSG 1980
Walk The Stage MSG 1983
Attack Of The Mad Axeman MSG 1981
Nightmare MSG 1992

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