Christains Review of Mogg/Way - Edge of the World (1997)

Distribution: The record is published in Europe by Roadrunner Records and distributed by Intercord (a subdivision of BMG). So, Edge of the World is available from Portugal to Poland. I got my 2 copies on 22-July 1997.

In the record-store:

CM: "Do you have a copy off Mogg/Way - Edge of the World?"
Man in the record-store: "No."
CM: "Are you sure? They're two founder members of UFO!" (I said this because every man in Germany with long hair who's in the 40s knows the band)
Man in the record-store: "Ah, you mean UFO - Edge of the world. You must look under UFO!"
CM: "Why?"
Man in the record-store: "Moggy is UFO and always will be UFO!"
CM (shamefull): "Yes Sir!!!"

The tracks:


With a powerfull and melodic track EotW starts. My first impression is: "Wow Mogg is there!" Brilliant voice and excellent guitars of new man Bellas. Sure, he's no Michael Schenker but backs Moggs voice with power and passion. A very capable man! To audio-imagine the power of CHANGE BRINGS A CHANGE: The track would also be well placed on an Iron Maiden or Helloween album.


The track starts with a very heavy riff but becomes very soon a melodic song in the typical UFO style: Melodic mid-tempo with brilliant vocal perfomance and high quality guitars. Could be a candidate for a Mogg/Way single. My personal fave #2 on EotW.


"Fritz?". Funny... GRAVY TRAIN is a high speed track with little melody. If you know AIN'T LIFE SWEET from High Stakes and dangerous men you are familiar with the track. AIN'T LIFE SWEET is my candidate for the worst UFO song. Although GRAVY TRAIN is much better we all know that Mogg can write better songs.


The first track from Pete Way. Again powerfull riffs. A mid tempo, steamy rock-song in the tradition of Ways contributions to UFO and Waysted but no rehash. I like the refrain. Again brilliant vocals and guitars. My personal fave #1 on the EotW. Thanx, Mr. Way!


A melodic track and also a candidate for a Mogg/Way single. With good radio-airplay a surprise would be possible.


The ballad on EotW. In my opinion the best Mogg has ever written. SAVING ME FROM MYSELF has the emphasis of BELLADONNA and even LOVE TO LOVE. The voice is incredible. Clear, crisp and... SAVING ME FROM MYSELF is a power ballad and harder as TRY ME or PROFESSION OF VIOLENCE. My fave #3.


... is the metallic version of this old UFO song. It misses the soul of the original but is good.


In my opinion UFO or Phil Mogg and Pete Way were never Heavy Metal artists. They're (from the musical point of view) nearer to the Stones as to Iron Maiden. If you listen to HOUSE OF PAIN you will agree.


... shows again the "Mick and Keith side" of Mogg and Way. It sounds a little bit like Quireboys meet Stones and Waysted. I love the track and my Stones/Kinks/Beatles dad said: "Hm, wonderfull - do you have a tape?" Personal fave #4.


Very hard, very metallic. Good lyrics and brilliant refrain. It shows that Mogg and Way really can rock like young metallistas if they want. One of the hardest tracks in the careers of Mogg and Way.


... gives us again the well known UFO feeling. SPELL ON YOU starts in leisurely manner but becomes hard and soulfull.


The instrumental on EotW. Nice and a little bit in the tradition of the Schenker instrumentals (I also include COAST TO COAST from the Scorps). Good. Perhaps the intention was to promote the Bellas solo works. Well, I will look after them...

Summary: (100 % is maximum)

Voice: 100%

Guitars: 95%

Production: 90%

Songs: 100%

Artwork: 100%

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