G3 Tour with Joe Satriani and Uli Roth

All photos on this page (c) 1998 Dave Wood.

After the success of previous G3 tours with artists such as Steve Vai and eric Johnson, Joe Satriani has embarked on a Europe wide tour with Michael Schenker Group and Uli Roth. The MSG set lasts for an hour, but with Michael back on stage at the end for a three-way jam! MSG features two vocalists, David Van Landing (who appears on Story of Michael Schenker) and Gary Barden (back in the MSG fold after a 14 year absence). Completing the line-up are Seth Bernstein and Shane Gaalaas (who also appear on 'Story') and Jeff Kollman (who most recently collaborated with Shane and Barry Sparks on 'Cosmosquad').

Set List:

MSG Band '98: (l-r) Seth Bernstien, Jeff Kollman, David Van Landing, Gary Barden, Shane Gaalaas.

The two voices of MSG...

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