Page 4 - Daves Diary

Based on UK leg of tour including: May 16th Manchester Apollo, May 17th Birmingham NEC, May 19th Wembly Arena, May 20th Croydon Fairfield Halls, May 21st Cardiff International Arena.

All photos on this page (c) 1998 Dave Wood.

I was planning to add in some of my personal thoughts on the tour here, but was taking so long I decided just to put up the page as it is... I may add to it at a later stage!

The two voices of MSG.

Hitting a high note...

Wembly, l to r: Michael Schenker, David Van Landing, Brian May.

Croydon, immediately after gig: David, Jeff, Seth, Shane.

"'Ere, shouldn't you be backstage?" Alan Walsh (right) and friend in the pit during MSG set...

Shane's behind here somewhere.....

Me and Michael, Cardiff International Arena

Me and the guys!

Jeff and Seth in arty shot....

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