G3 concert in Zurich - 14th June 1998

First, Uli Roth started giving us some material from Sky of Avalon as well as pieces from his Electric Sun albums and from the Scorpions, a Pagannini-Beethoven medley. It is really something else to actually see him on stage hit those incredibly high notes, not to mention the melodies.

Having met him backstage, he is a very approachable and interesting person. He actually played one of his solos on my guitar before signing it (I missed a one in a lifetime picture there : Uli playing a Flying V!).

MSG was next, do I really need to describe the performance ? Really, pick 1 hour off the History live album (with a longer drum/bass solo in the Arena ...). very nice surprise, Gary Barden stepped in to sing on Lost horizons and Attack of the mad axeman. There was a lot of promo of history live going on (excerpts during sets, etc..).

Last came Satch, the "playing spaghetti". As I am not a fan but only a guitarist, I will not quote song titles but one thing I can say is that his set was flawless. Stu Hamm gave us a stunning bass solo.

The last part was the jam where they played BB King's The thrill is gone and a Hendrix piece as well (guess who was the lead on that one ...) unfortunately, Michael was a bit held back during the jam, I kind of expected some wild stuff but no, just a distant attitude. He did give us a tremendous smile at the end.

Marc Fettarappa

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