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Re: News items up to end of 1995 .....
In the light of recent news I have decided to move a lot of the stuff in the 'Latest News' section to here, since there are certian elements that would seem to be wholly untrue and these pages are not here to antagonise the band members. These are the 'facts' as and when I received them from the initial break up of the band to the end of 1995, but please make sure you've read a fax from Phil Mogg first.

Also added are the news items up to the end of 1996 .......

30th October 1995

The news of Schenkers untimely exit from UFO is now official, after the show cancellations and rampant rumours on the Internet. A source close to the band has posted a message to AOL which I have forwarded to the relevant alt.rock-n-roll newsgroups, which basically says that the band wishes things to be kept quiet at first before releasing full details. WATCH THIS SPACE.

There is also a message on the UFO Fan Club phone-line confirming the news, with a message assuring that any monies sent for merchandise will be returned.

I personally wish to remain impartial to who's fault this is etc., at least until I have ALL the facts in front of me, and I hope other fans will do so also.

31st October 1995, 1st November 1995


2nd November 1995

I have had a message passed on to me from 'a VERY reliable source'. Although I have not been told the exact source, I have no reason to suspect it's authenticity, but please bear this in mind (it's not a very unbiased opinion!). You can read it HERE.

15th November 1995

Still no more substantial news, but this weeks edition of 'Kerrang!', the UK's best selling Rock/Metal weekly, which is usually very up to date have only just realised that UFO have split. They don't say anything new.

23rd November 1995

I have been sent a copy of a fax from Bella which I can make public, dated 13th November it basically says:

The UFO band has broken up (Michael had to quit because he can't work with Phil Mogg - they have a legal agreement that there is no UFO without Phil and Michael in the band. Furthermore, because they can't agree, the UFO album Walk On Water is no longer avaliable except for inside Japan, and anyone selling it will be sued ! This is the way it is until both parties agree.
The fans who have already sent in the order will have it shipped to them before the end of the year - Bella Piper

27th November 1995

I have been forwarded and article that appeared in Pollstar, Oct 30th, regarding the split from the cancelled venues points of view. Thanks to Wendi for this. It can be found here.

18th December 1995

TALK is that UFO are looking into teaming up with guitarist John Norum to fill the spot left vacant by the departure of Michael Schenker, with the possibility of touring with Motorhead next year. There is also confidence that the 'sticky name' problem of the band (due to contracts made over the name 'UFO') will be resolved.

22nd December 1995

I have just received an email informing me that apparantly Pete Way is due to be performing in Chicago on Friday Dec. 22nd (today!) with the UFO tribute band 'Faucet' (see Trivia page). The place is called "Bedrocks/Concrete Jungle" at 2125 W. Roscoe (between Damen and Western). I was also sent two phone numbers for additional Faucet info: 312-509-5170 or 818-377-4409 (USA).

I won't be reading e-mail for the next week, so everyone have a good Christmas !

4th January 1996

Thanks to Henk for the following message:
"This Sunday, January 7th, MTV EUROPE will give an 'expression' of the Milwakee Metalmania Festival from 00.00--1.30 CET. There will be an interview and a short live performance of UFO."

I have also been sent more information concerning the UFO cover band 'Faucet'. Full details can be found HERE, but briefly they will be playing Bedrocks/Concrete Jungle, Chicago, again (see above) on January 19th. There are also another couple of dates Jan 5th and Jan 14th without Pete Way (in fact this is "Happenin' Harry and the Heptones" though they do include a couple of UFO covers), see link for details and phone numbers for info.

23th January 1996

No real news on the group, things have gone VERY quiet in UFO-land, let's hope it is because they are busy re-hearsing with a stable line-up. I have heard however that the UFO/Schenker hotline has been changed and no longer mentions UFO or the state of play with refunds or orders concerning WOW. I have also heard of legal action being taken by some fans to reclaim money that was sent for merchandise .... I'll post updates as soon as I get them.
Daves note: After first joining the MS Fan Club it took over a year to receive the stuff I'd paid for, so I'm still keeping an open mind on what's going on, although I do fully appreciate the anger that a lot of fans are feeling.

31st January 1996

I have been sent an update on the current state of affairs concerning orders from UFO Direct (i.e. orders of Walk On Water and money sent to join the Fan Club). Details can be found here,, but basically the news is that things ARE getting done.

1st February 1996

After a long period of one-sided news, and now apparantly some of it not entirely truthful, I have been sent a copy of a Fax sent to a friend of mine from Phil Mogg putting across his side of the story. I strongly urge EVERYONE to read it - it can be found HERE. Piecing together past news and this Fax it would seem that the reasons for the split have been very much blown up and sensationalised, but I always like to think that I eventually get it right!

13th February 1996

I have been forwarded comments made by Bella on both the Fax from Phil Mogg (see last news item) and on the current situation of orders from the Fan Club (including orders of the Walk On Water CD). This news can be read here.

The current situation of the band, including the news of John Norum filling the spot left vacant by Schenker is still rather sketchy, but is still looking hopeful .... watch this space!

14th February 1996

It would appear that the news I have heard (which I wasn't sure how public it was meant to be) has become widespread knowledge on the internet so I'll add it here! The news is that to get around the legal problem involving the name 'UFO' the remaining members of the band are to join John Norum on his next solo album (I'll also add here that the bit on Norum in my pages has been updated). They are looking to play some dates together soon - none of this has so far been officially confirmed.

21st February 1996

I have just been informed that the B-side of Iron Maidens latest single 'Lord Of The Flies' is a cover of UFO's very own 'Doctor Doctor' - cool! Apparantly the bands current policy is to use the B-side of singles to do covers from bands who have influenced them, so I assume this is Steve Harrises contribution ! This news is subject to confirmation though - I can't find the single anywhere ! Up the Irons !

16th April 1996

News is rife of Michael Schenker reforming MSG, shattering any hopes of him teaming up with UFO in the near future. Rumours include the rhythm guys being ex-Yngwie, and the vocalist some guy from 'Great King Rat'. Updates as soon as I have any.

The UFO goings on seem to have changed little over the past few months, though there is now a Pete Way interview which includes his thoughts on current affairs. (This link may not work ... but you can get to this interview from the main page too)

25th April 1996

I've had an email concerning an MSG gig last weekend in Scottsdale AZ (thanks hippyjon!). Apparantly they played 6 songs including Holiday, Natural Thing and Bijou Pleasurette .... and Schenker played "the coolest lead" in Natural Thing!

20th May 1996

Sorry for the silence! One thing I meant to add recently was that I have heard (unconfirmed) reports that Michaels recording at the moment is under the watchful gaze of one Ron Nevison.

LATEST news is that Pete Way will be performing in Columbus, OH on Memorial Day. He and some friends will basically be performing as a cover band doing some UFO stuff and Humble Pie and who knows what else. Show will be at Hot Peppers on May 27th in Colimbus, OH.

13th June 1996

UFO News - Apparently a world-wide distribution (outside of Japan) of Walk On Water is "imminent" .. let's hope that this will bring the guys the recognition they deserve! In the meantime, the album IS available through the Fan Club still ... and Bella still has some orders which keep getting bounced back to her ...... if you are still waiting for your order send a postcard with your details or phone 602-314-1155.

MSG News - The new MSG album is in it's final recording stages, and should be ready to release "soon". It is being produced by the one and only Ron Nevison and features (please excuse any spelling mistakes in the names) Michael Schenker (obviously), Shane Gally on drums, Barry Sparks on bass and, as reported earlier, Lief Sundin ex Great King Rat. A "ROUGH QUOTE" I have heard is that Nevison reckons it's the best thing that Michael has (musically) done! WATCH THIS SPACE!

At the moment there is an idea to try and get UFO, MSG and Scorpions touring together - NOTE nothing substantial at the moment .. it's just an IDEA. It seems to be hinted that UFO are about to sort something out so that they can carry on, and from the 'family connection' I should think that the Scorpions/MSG thing is very possible. If you think this would be a fantastic event to happen send letters to anyone you think would be influential in sorting it out ... if they think that there is enough interest it could definitely make a difference .....

17th June 1996

Apparently the recent issue of MUSIC CONNECTION has a photo of "the new UFO." The two new members seem to be Vinnie Appice and Tracy G, from Dio. More news as I get it!

18th June 1996

Further to yesterdays news ... it appears there were some crossed wires! The correct info is (thanks Wendi!):

Vinnie Appice's side project keeps rolling along at Music Box Recording Studios. During some recent sessions, the veteran stickman invited members of U.F.O. and Dio in for some work on the upcoming Japanese release. Pictured (L-R) in the studio are: (rear) Tracy G., Dio guitarist, Pete Way, U.F.O. bassist; Phil Moog [sic], U.F.O. vocalist, (sitting) Vinnie Appice, and Music Box owner Miek Wolf.

3rd July 1996

Recent Schenker spottings have included an appearance at the Scorpions show in Phoenix. Apparently he is due to guest at some other Scorpions dates, but I don't have any more details.

9th July 1996

The July issue of Guitar magazine has a big piece on Schenker, including a brief history and short tabs of bits of Coast to Coast, Lights Out, Love to Love, Courage and Confidence, Doctor Doctor, Only You Can ...., Shoot Shoot, Into the Arena, Captain Nemo and Samurai.

12th July 1996

Some more information on the new MSG album (unconfirmed!): The title of the album would appear to be 'Written In The Sand' and will include an instrumental called 'Essence' dedicated to Michaels daughter (of the same name). The Japanese version will have two extra tracks, both re-recordings of `Cry For The Nations' and `Into The Arena' (thanks Gary for this info!).

9th August 1996

The new MSG album is released in Japan, August 28th. Line up is Schenker, Lief Sundin, Barry Sparks, Shane Gaalaas. Details of album are now HERE.

22nd August 1996

After surfing the 'Net a bit I discovered a recent CD release by Marc Ferrari, 'Guest List' which includes contributions by Robin McAuley. Anybody heard it? I'd like to hear any comments!

23rd August 1996

`Written In The Sand' is now available through the MS Fan Club, usual address, 13610 N. Scottsdale Road, #10-108 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 USA price $20.15. First 100 orders signed (probably gone by now?) and apparently checks will *NOT* be submitted until merchandise is shipped. To leave comments (602)314-1155 (Bella can't call back!), FAX: (602)314-1177.

Bella still has a BOX full of old orders to go out (I have heard that some orders were not accompanied by an address ......). The Enervates CD and the video that were advertised will be produced and shipped very shortly. If you have comments about an order you sent in and did not receive merchandise, PLEASE CALL or FAX.

I have not heard it myself, but apparently the Hot-line message says that the next MSG tour will be a life story tour, highlighting music from Scorpions, UFO, early MSG, and McAuley Schenker. Watch this space for new developments as and when I hear them!

29th August 1996

I have included a news item from SFK (a AOR email magazine) about the current state of affairs in the Michael Schenker camp. The news has apparantly been obtained over a phone call to Bella, but I cannot vouch for the reliability of the contents (although I HAVE added some corrections). Remember that a lot of the stuff is what is TRYING to be sorted out, not what HAS been sorted out! You can find it HERE.

The new MSG album should have been released in Japan yesterday, I'm waiting for my copy to arrive! If anyone wants to send reviews, feel free!

5th September 1996

Further to the excerpt from SFK added 29th August, apparantly new UFO Fan Club memberships will NOT be accepted, anybody who sends money for new membership will have it mailed straight back. Those who HAVE already sent money have the choice of a refund or the T-shirt/laminate.

The new MSG album is AWESOME! Review in the pipeline .......

11th September 1996

Have just been informed of some John Norum news from what I assume to be a reliable source (just covering my back!): He is in the studio working on his next CD, the band is Kelly Keeing (vocals, guitars), Peter Baltes (bass) and Simon Wright (drums) [!]. Jeff Glixman is producing, and Norum is NOT in UFO.

18th October 1996

Sorry everyone for not having posted any news for over a month ... but there hasn't been any!

Today though I have received `official' details on ordering the new MSG and latest UFO from the Fan Club (this is probably old news for the regulars so bear with me!): To order the new "MSG" cd titled "Written in the Sand" send $20.15 ($16.00 + $4.15 s&h) to:
The Michael Schenker Fan Club
13610 North Scottsdale Road #10-108
Scottsdale, AZ 85254 USA

To order the latest "UFO" cd titled "Walk on Water" send $20.15 ($16.00 + $4.00 s&h) to:
The UFO Fan Club
13610 North Scottsdale Road #10-108
Scottsdale, AZ 85254 USA

Fans can earn a 25% commission by selling the "Written In The Sand" cd. They must order a minimum of 10 cds to qualify for the commission.

The fan club hotline software has just recently been upgraded and reprogrammed. It contains the CD ordering information and a promise of upcoming tour information for the "Michael Schenker Story" tour.

22nd October 1996

Details of the upcoming MSG tour are starting to filter through. Keep an eye on the tour dates page for up to date info and information for Fan Club members for reserving tickets, but for your information this is the only date so far confirmed:

The first 'confirmed' (not the first show of the tour) date on the tour is December 6th at The Vic Theater in Chicago, IL. (Not announced yet but confirmed by management).

Fan club hotline @ 602 280 9090.

1st November 1996

First date of Schenker tour confirmed as 9th November at the Electric Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ. Keep an eye on the Tour List for further dates ...

4th November 1996

Deadline for registering as above for Chicago shows with Brent has now passed!

9th December 1996

Just to say ... no new news to add at the moment .. but watch this space! Just so you don't think I've neglected this page .....

On a more sombre note (and not-UFO related), I usually make a point of not preaching in any way, but I was forwarded this poem and thought I'd do my bit by passing it on to visitors to my pages. It's a bit depressing, but if it makes just one person think twice then it's worth sharing ...

12th December 1996

Just heard some UNCONFIRMED news originating from the management of Saratoga Winters the show there has been postponed (and possibly cancelled) due to the RV that Michael and Bella were travelling in being involved in an accident. Initial report is that Michael is OK, but Bella is in hospital. Any update on this news will be added as soon as I get it ....... (thanks for the info Kevin!)

16th December 1996

The last four dates of the MSG tour were cancelled, and for now it is unclear if there is any chance of them being rescheduled. I am awaiting some sort of `official' reason but I should think that the news of 12th December could have a lot to do with it. More news as I get it .....

19th December 1996

I will not be reading email now until the New Year, so Happy Christmas everyone and thanks for your continuing support!

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