(Dave covering his back) This message was sent to me 1st November, as it says it is from a 'reliable source', I have no way of confirming or denying this but I have no reason to suspect that the sender is not sincere. I would like to point out however that the message is almost certainly biased !


from a most reliable source. Michael Schenker did not quit UFO he quit Phil Mogg. It seems it was more important to Phil to clean the carpet & fridge on the tour bus rather than help find ways for UFO to be creative and move forward. The walk on water cd is not available please call the hotline 602-280-9090 for info on refunds, also leave your thoughts as they will be recorded and will be heard by the band. There will be an official press release to follow soon. As for Michael he is putting his guitar on the wall and will dedicate his time going after the bootleggers and others who have been ripping him off. If the fans want him to create and be creative they will support him in his decisions. Thanx

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