Fax to Brent Harris

From Phil Mogg

"As The Bus Turns"

Dear Brent,

Hope all is well with you all, out there in the snowy regions of America.

I guess I didn't really want to reply to the Internet tribunal on the sudden death, or murder of UFO, mid tour or tail end of tour. Myself and the band, were none too pleased, and a little upset. Not the tearful kind of upset, pissed off upset more like it.

But even more disturbing was the low life lies I read in two accounts of our demise. Quite obscene and quite untrue. I have no intention or appitite(sic) to get drawn into a laundry washing debate, bandying accusations around. I have replied though, in case some poor fool actually believes this garbage. The facts speak for themselves.

Myself, the band, the crew, were in attendance, ready to play, the guitarist does not show, no play sorry. The guitarist then leaves, the reason given to us is one which totally conflicts with the account I read from Lord Gordon, the Misguided One, and is probably part of a more complex puzzle. Who knows!

Let's have a look at what we've got here.

Quote, "Michael and Phil were at odds over personal behavior (substance abuse). Phil was using (I won't go into particulars). Michael was upset, Michael approached Phil about it on more than one occasion during the tour."


I didn't know Samuel Adams was a controlled substance. That is as strong as it got, sorry to disappoint but that is fact. I resent accusations to the contrary and will take legal action against muck spreaders.

Fact, my only contact with Michael, unfortunately, was as we stepped on stage. "Hello, how you doing?, was one of our longer conversations. Michael, it would appear, had very little to say, so this rubbish that Michael approached Phil on more than one occasion, another outrageous lie.

I have asked Bella Piper, who would appear to have been the architect and source of this piece of crap, about it and I have pointed out the libelous consequences that go with it. She has denied having anything to do with this story and has told me, quote, "Someone is lying!".

Well, I've only one suggestion to this ameba. Whoever is responsible, either shut it or stand up and step forward. The legal team of Forsythe, Saunders and Herman have their pencils sharpened and ready. Enough said and no more.

On a lighter note, myself, Pete, Paul, Simon plus "X" (a surprise) should be playing some dates in late March or April. Watch this space.

All the best,


PS. I almost forgot the other piece of ludicrous gossip, amusing none the less, as it comes from the arsehole, reliable source whoever this is! There was one line of fact, truth, and I guess I might as well come clean, to coin a phrase. Yes, I did clean the carpet and defrost the fridge. Well, almost.

After three overnighters, waiting on the bus, in a car park, in the early hours of the morning. Waiting for some simple, elementary piece of business to be completed, my creative juices squeezed dry, stress factor 10, and yes, along with gardening, getting the car cleaned, gyms, cycling, reading, and writing, "Hoovering and Defrosting" is in there, along with SWANK magazine as ways of relieving tension. Surprise, surprise. More information is available in my book coming out soon, titled "The Joys of Hoovering & Defrosting". Don't miss it.

Brent, I hope this clarifies the situation as it was. Anything you can't understand, please fax, i.e. bollocks, a slang English term. I am not sure it has the same meaning in American.

Bye for now,


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