Kerrang! Review

Issue 672 nov 1st 1997


In the mid-'70s, UFO made some of the most vital, energetic and melodic Brit hard rock around. Some 20 years on, the classic UFO line-up are back together - which means a reunion of German guitar genius Michael Schenker, madcap bassist Pete Way and unfussy vocalist Phil Mogg - and proving just how much we've missed them.

New songs like 'Pushed To The Limit' and 'Self Made Man' have the unique signposts of all great UFO songs (passion, punch and immediate tunefulness), and they nestle more than comfortably alongside '97 versions (well .. '95 actually! - Dave's note) of those masterpieces 'Doctor Doctor' and 'Lights Out'.

'Walk On Water' more than lives up to the huge expectations surrounding this reunion. Which is nice.

Malcolm Dome.

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