Release dates: 16th February 2004 (Europe), 21st February 2004 (Japan), March 2004 (USA).

Band members: Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Vinnie Moore, Paul Raymond, Jason Bonham.

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This album is living proof that there is life for UFO after Schenker. After spending years trying to recapture the chemistry that gave us Walk On Water, Michael finally gave up his rights to the UFO moniker to pursue his solo projects allowing Phil and Pete to team up again with Paul Raymond and to fill the other two vacant spots with new boys Vinnie Moore and Jason Bonham.

What they got was a whole new bag of chemistry going on, and an outstanding album that quite happily sits alongside the many classic albums we have grown to love from this band. From the opening Daylight Goes to Town to the final chords of Swallow we are taken on a journey of good lyrics, excellent guitar work which while characteristic of Vinnie is still faithful to the UFO ethos and seven bells being knocked out of the drum kit, although the excellent Baby Blue shows that the softer side is still there. Overall I would give this album a 9/10.. why not 10? Well, being a lecturer I never give anyone 100%... even if that's what the band put into this album.

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