Review by Swedish Guitar Magazine 'Fuzz'
Translated by Micael Hamberg

The old Scorpions/UFO hero Michael Schenker made his solo debut 1980 in an album that I think was outstanding. His career has after that been more or less turbulent. The cult status has been undoubtable but there has not been any real super albums since early 80-ies. Until now it is.

If the previous studio album "WITS" was rather streamlined and without edges except for Leif Sundins song and some of Michaels solos then the new one is something else. Rude awakening kick-starts this record with early Schenker riffing. Kelly Keeling, that previously lended his voice to John Norum, makes an excellent work with a touch of Coverdale.

Well there are a whole bunch of record that starts pretty good the trick is to continue. The following "What a mess I've made" shows that Michael keeps on holding what he started to show. It also contains strong riffing ala 1980. The songs are not progressive or complicated rather solid and trustable. There is power and heaviness that grabs you. Just take the suggestive rhythms in "Hello Angel". Here Michael delivers a nice punchy solo with a quite clean Stratocaster type of sound. The Tower has a dreamy feel and "Turn off the emotion" brings you right back to MSG anno 1980 with straight direct chords that have "Heavy Metal" engraved in the speaker membranes. I have to add that he is experimenting with tempo end time signature changes and cool stops especially in "Live for today" but also in other songs. The summary is that "the Unforgiven" hits ones heart.

The Michael Schenker solo style with the wah-wah colored sound is like an institution. As stylish as Leslie West and as fluid as Eddie VanHalen but also with a flavor of new. Old heroes doesn't die they just loose some hair.

By FUZZs Janne Stark

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