After reading the other reviews again, I have more or less the same story.....

UFO at Tilburg, Noorderligt November 25, 1997.

As a fan from the early hours and never have the change to see UFO in the classic line up, you can say that I was far more then excited and could not wait until November 25! With the news of concerts canceled in France,I called the people of the Noorderligt at 5.00PM to be sure that the miracle would happen that night.

Chris answered the phone that it was all right, if I had tickets for the concert, because it was sold out. Lucky me!!

At 8.15 PM Danger Danger started and to be honest, with my ear packs in my ears, they played pretty well. A little bit commercial rock but it was nice to hear. They played for a hour and than the real exciting begun! UFO gave us enough time to get some drinks and get warmed up.............10.15 PM the concert finally begun!

Natural thing, Mother Mary, Self made man.....The crowd went really wild. Phil had some voice problems, but he gave everything. Electric phase, Out of the streets,this what a concentration of Michael. He played like his early days ( Strangers in the night) or even better. He was so concentrated that he forgot to look at his fans in the first hour [?!]. But what the hell, keep on playing like this ( in UFO ) and you will never forget his playing again.

One more for the rodeo, Venus, Pushed to the's funny how the new songs perfectly fits with the old songs without any quality lost. Simon and Paul played there parts with such an enthusiasm that there contribution made UFO more than a team.

Love to love ( my favourite) too hot to handle, only you can rock me, lights out.... and the madman Pete. What can I say. He jumped , he lay down on the stage, he ran, he sung together with Michael, he was everywhere on stage! ( please take another outfit next time)

The first encore with Doctor, doctor ( why was this never a single hit??) and rock bottom...........great songs , great performance, Schenker on his best,UFO on their best, what a guitar solo!!! The second encore with Shoot Shoot. And then a pity they ended.

Coming down on earth we waited for more than a hour to see Michael , but he didn't show up to sign his CD. So we left home just sitting in the car.......we indeed saw the miracle!!!

Laura and Henk

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