UFO in Holland 25th and 26th Nov 1997

Just went to see both UFO shows in Holland (Noorderligt in Tilburg on November 25th and Sub Rosa in Almelo on November 26th). Both venues were sold out (or nearly), Noorderligt approx. 1000 and Sub Rosa approx. 800. The set list was the same as the one in Barcelona (and the rest of the tour, I think), which was:

1. Natural Thing
2. Mother Mary
3. A Self Made Man
4. Electric Phase
5. This Kids
6. Out in the Streets
7. One More for Rodeo
8. Venus
9. Pushed to the Limit
10. Love to Love
11. Too Hot to Handle
12. Only You Can Rock Me
14. Lights Out

first encore:
Doctor, Doctor
Rock Bottom

second encore:
Shoot, Shoot

In Tilburg it looked liked if Micheal wasn't in the mood (but still playing very good) so he was just standing on stage doing his thing, but no more than that (if he looked twice into the audience, this would be much). There was also no signing after the show; after a while they announced: Mister Micheal Schenker has already left the building. People who bought the 25th anniversary CD could get their money back. In Almelo he was in a much better mood, searching the crowd with his eyes and then gave some one a big smile, came forward to the edge of the stage to do some moves with Pete and sometimes Paul joined. He signed the 25th anniversary before and after the show. Both shows his guitar work was excellent, but in Tilburg it took a song or three to get the sound right. In Almelo his guitar was also more at the front in the mix so it kicked more ass. Phil was singing great, but he had to go deep to reach the higher notes. Pete, what can I say, he was just every where throwing his bass around. Paul did a great job on keys, guitar and backing vocals (this guy is busy). Simon kept the band rolling through the entire set.

As support they had Danger Danger, these guys are o.k. but I didn't came for them. A friend of my did and went home right after the performance of Danger Danger...!!!...???

Ewald Janssen
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