UFO at Tilburg, Noorderligt November 25, 1997.

On November 25th 1997 I visited Tilburg (the Netherlands) to see a band which I spotted once somwhere in the mid eigthies but I expected now a different band of course the real UFO !!!

To me it looks the concert was sold out..... it was so busy. There was a great atmosphere and it reminded me of the hardrock concerts which I visited a lot in the period 1983-1988.

Most of the people I saw there were 30 years or older excecpt a few girls which were the girlfriends of those old hardrock fans....I think.

I had planned to buy the acoustic Michael Schenker CD (Thank you) and I hoped they had the UFO live CD from 1975 which must exist because that was what I had read on internet. But what a shame.....they only sold the new 2-live CD of MSG and the CD from the Paul Raymond project !!! Several people asked for the Walk on Water CD but they didn't sell that CD. It was hard for me to find that CD in Amsterdam but at least I had one !!! A UFO concert where they only sell CD's of 2 band members... Strange

But they had tour T-shirts of UFO so I buy one of those, and the tour T-shirts are great !!!

And now the concert, how strange to see how Michael Schenker is isolated from the rest of the band in visual case. Phil Mogg looked great....a strong performance and Pete Way walked over the stage like a madman but that seemed normal for him I've heard. Michael Schenker played concentrated but it was a pity that the sound was not to good.

And now the songs the have played... Natural thing-Out in the street-Only you can rock me-Docter Docter-Mother Mary- This kids-Love to love-Lights out-Rock bottom- Too hot to handle-a Self made man-Venus-Pushed to the limit- One more for the rodeo.

Strange enough the songs they played which are not on the Strangers in the night CD I've found the best. That is because the CD sounds great but the sound in Tilburg was not great so you compare the 2 sounds, if you want it or not ! I mean...you expect Strangers in the night in Tilburg and that you see them as well but you hear the studio tracks live in Tilburg.

But it was a good concert in Tilburg and I hope that UFO makes a new CD and is touring then of course.

Peter Folkers
the Netherlands

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