UFO at Newport, UK, 6th February 1998.

Feb 9th edition of the South Wales Argus

"The legendary UFO are back" read the flyer given to me by a man before the gig. Well such news is unlikely to have the same impact as the remaining Beatles reforming, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway. I guess I was curious - UFO were formed nearly thirty years ago and were at their commercial and critical peak in the late 70's with the release of the "Lights Out", "Obsession" and "Strangers In The Night" albums. Surely the five members would be more interested these days in traditional middle age pursuits as gardening ?

Such patronising assumptions didn't last too long. UFO kicked off their tour with an excellent , near two hour gig. Bare-chested Pete Way caught the eye as he ran around the stage like a lunatic with his sweat soaked long hair flying behind him. I'm pretty sure we've seen all that windmilling and playing the guitar behind the head stuff before, but Way deserves credit for his naked enthusiasm and ability to work an audience.

But in truth it was Michael Schenker and his V-Shaped guitar who really caught the ear. The German rarely strayed from his little corner of the stage (perhaps he had tried it before and Way had sent him flying) but effortlessly showed what an accomplished guitarist he is . And the song Rock Bottom may be nearly 25 years old but Schenker has created a riff as distinctive as Sabbath's Paranoid.

To the unconverted, UFO are probably a predictable rock band, lumbering down the beaten track, their reformation as their music was in the first place. But after hearing Doctor Doctor, Love to Love and Only You Can Rock Me, there was probably only one thought in the heads and hearts of the faithful at Newport centre - The Legendary UFO are Back !!!!!!!!!

David Franklin

Thanks Pete Davies!

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