UFO - Stuttgart 18/1/98

( Sorry for my bad english )

Ok, here's a small bulletin from the Ufo gig in Stuttgart.

Arriving at the LKA in Stuttgart, many people asked for tickets. Totally sold out. ( They sold about 1,800 tickets ) Because of late arriving I did not see the support band. ufo hits the stage at 21.30 and plays about 100 minutes. My first reaction when UFO hits the stage was where is Michael Schenker? Then i saw a man with short black hair (no cap) and sunglasses on the back left side with a white flying-V. He looks old. Next I saw Phil, Pete and Paul Raymond, all looking very good. Phil with very short hair. They started with NATURAL THING, going directly into MOTHER MARY. The sound was very good, and Schenker plays brilliantly but he never looks at Phil Mogg. At the second half of the show he smiles a few times and sings the background lines from DOCTOR DOCTOR and LIGHTS OUT. For the encore Phil and Pete returned to the stage topless.

The set list:

Natural Thing
Mother Mary
A Self Made Man
Electric Phase
This Kids
Out In The Streets
One More For The Rodeo
Pushed To The Limit
Love To Love
Too Hot To Handle
Only You Can Rock Me
Lights Out

1st encore:

Doctor, Doctor
Rock Bottom

2nd encore:

Shoot Shoot

Harry Becker.

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