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UFO at Norwich UCA - 7th February 1998

I heard about this gig with only a week before when I got a flyer for another venue. I have always found UFO to be fairly good but not great LP wise. If I am desperate for a new CD they would be a good band to catch up on. Since there was a new CD out I thought I had better get it so that I know more of the set. It is a bit of an odd CD as it contains 8 tracks from 1995 plus 2 classics remade and 3 bonus tracks from MSG, Moog/Way and the Phil Raymond Project. The new UFO Stuff is very good though.

I was concerned about the gig as it meant I would need to stand (not something I find easy to do for more than 2 minutes) and I did not know what the set would be like. At the start of the gig there was a lot of stuff I did not know but I still found it really enjoyable (most unusual for me). Then we got a couple of numbers of Walk On Water and then we moved into the closing of the set with all the well known Classics like Rock Bottom, Lights out and Doctor Doctor. Some of these were done over two Encores with fairly long gaps between.

The Drummer was different from the album, Simon Wright I think, and he is apparently Ex-AC/DC. Phil Mogg on Vocals was much as I remembered him. He was mixed a bit to low though. I am not sure I have seen Michael Schenker before and he was incredible cool and rooted to the spot. He seemed to be the "Stereotypical German" type character. He was played great guitar thought just how I liked it. Phil Raymond moved around a fair bit. Well between his Keyboards and I assume Rhythm guitar anyway. Much more than Moog and Schenker. Then there was Pete Way. This guy is a real character. I don't think he was in UFO when I saw them before either. He certainly gave the audience something to watch with his Bass on an Extremely long strap. He did all the tricks. You know behind his head through his legs. Laid on the floor and constantly running around and seemingly trying to get in Schenker's eyes sight.

It was a great gig and I would recommend any go and for that matter get the new album.

Jon Hinchliffe

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