UFO at the LKA, Stuttgart, 12th November 2000

(sold out with about 1200 people)

Here is a short review of the gig in Stuttgart. After reading the Berlin reviews I think most of the concerts is written already. Because we arrive too late we miss Moondog. After 15 Minutes of waiting.

Glenn Hughes enters the stage at 20.15. The sound starts horribly, but after 4 or 5 songs the mixer recognised the problem and the sound gets better and better. Glenn Hughes plays about 50 minutes with "You keep on moving" and the encore "Burn" are the highlights.

After about 25 Minutes of waiting UFO starts after a crazy intro tape of "Love is forever" and the sound was crisp and clear. Phil and Pete try to make action on stage, Michael does a good job and smiles MANY times to the audience and after the fourth song "Mother Mary" I saw something I have never seen before: Phil talking to Michael on stage and smiling together. Really never seen before.

The setlist was the same as written before, and Michael sounds better from song to song. Everybody can see the fun he has playing classics like "Love to love", "Only you can rock me" and of course "Doctor doctor", this time with a long and brilliant opening from Michael. Playing "Rock bottom" Michael had some problems with his amplifier and so talked to his roadie a few times, he looked a little bit angry. After the second encore "Lights out" the folks want more, but after about 2 minutes the lights went on and another UFO gig finished.

Michael Schenker sold his cd "The Odd Trio" and 2 videos "Making of unforgiven " and one from the last MSG live tour. Also some b/w and colour photos of him. UFO only sold the Covernant t-shirt, no posters, no programs, no pictures, no cds, no videos. The merchandising concept looks like very bad for ufo.

Harry Becker

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