UFO at the Columbia Hall, Berlin, 6th November 2000

After heaving read Chrisī review of the gig in Hannover I think I can concentrate on the different aspects that came with the performance in Berlin.

Nothing to add about Moondoc. The sound was just horrible but Herrmann Frank proved once again to be a guy that lives music... the fun of playing before the audience was written in his face.

Glenn Hughes was, to put it in one word, fantastic. During the first 2 songs I had the feeling this would become a one man show- the bass guitar brutally mixed into the foreground, no space left for the 2 other guys. Fortunately that changed a lot and this guy Ferguson on drums and especially J. J. Marsh on guitar showed off a hell of a gig. Great musicians and just the right thing to get ready for the act we all waited for.

When "Love is forever" initiated another great evening with the best band in the world it became obvious that Mr Schenker has gained a little weight, to say it mildly and that Phil and Pete havenīt changed a bit since that WOW tour three years ago. It was obvious that everybody was in great shape. Phil was charismatic as ever and his singing absolutely great,though having slight problems with the functionality of his microphone. Pete dominated the audience as usual leaving not a single centimetre of the stage untouched. Oh, my wife liked the colour of his finger nails... Well, and Michael. I havenīt seen him moving on stage that much for a long time. You could see, hear and feel the fun he had and that he enjoyed the atmosphere within the band. Letīs hope it stays like this for a while. Itīs always amazing to see how easily the complexity of his playing seems to come to him. Jeff Martin on drums did a great job. Louis Maldonado sure isnīt a substitute to Paul Raymond yet but he certainly wasnīt that bad, either. During "Love to Love" he completely lost the tune for a moment - but who the hell cares!

A clear and brilliant sound from the very first moment (the same applies to Glenn Hughes) made this evening as unforgettable as most of the UFO gigs I had the pleasure to witness. The only thing I dislike is the predictability of the set list. You just know what is about to come.... A little change here and there would even increase the fun of whatīs supposed to be the highlight of the rock season. But hell! Iīm not complaining. I would come back to their shows even if they did the same set for the next ten years without any change at all.

After having my copy of "The Odd Trio" signed by a very friendly and open minded Michael Schenker we went home satisfied, singing along "Rock Bottom" and probably driving the poor taxi driver mad.

Frank Bock

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