Tommy's "Only You Can Rock Me" from Misdemeanor laser disc.
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Signed "Kurihara Tsutomu"

As a UFO, Michael Schenker got lots of fame and praise, his good performances left the hard rock world strong. After Michael's withdrawal, naturally, the band continued weakly and naturally lapsed until they broke up, but a happy thing was that soon UFO carried out a surprisingly vigorous resurrection. Of course Michael was replaced by the entrance of a fabulous guitarist, who is active on this disc, the remarkable Nisei Atomik Tommy M. We are finally taking the veil off the splendid Atomic technique, which is not inferior to Michael's. This record is the country's first chance to see Tommy's performance, and I want you to think about it and enjoy it. I would like to write as a reference comments about characteristics of his playing.

Guitarist Atomik Tommy M uses speedy hard picking, smooth fingering, right hand play, arming (tremolo bar) and other examples of all-around play. [?!]

It's fully detailed. First give attention to the spot of arming. He uses a light-tough Kayler arm. Generally doesn't use a finger vibrato because he's very busy with arming vibrato. Speedy vibrato is characteristic. While playing the phrase, press with the three fingers from the middle through the pinkie with the arm down lightly a lot. Then, with the arm down gliss; he strongly prefers rather delicate arming. (Example Chapter 17, Atomik Guitar Solo 10).

[NB: "Chapter" may be laserdisc terminology for how the disc is sectioned???]

Picking is rather strong. It appears as dynamic as Gary Moore's -- there is certainly no waste of style. Heaven's Gate's opening solo (Chapter 2), Mean Streets' middle solo (Chapter 9), Name of Love's middle fast-play (Chapter 11), Rock Me's middle solo (Chapter 22, reference below!), are clear examples you can understand. Also strong picking is remarkable, and the way hammering, pulling, gliss fit together for long no-picking play is great. In Night Run's middle part (Chapter 19), extending into the end part (Chapter 20), Rock Me's middle solo's beginning (Chapter 22, the example below), among others, you can see smooth trilling no-picking play. The way the right hand flows is really wonderful.

Also the right hand doesn't give a gaudy impression. The beginning of Heaven's Gate's solo, The Chase's solo, Rock Me's ending (Chapter 23) among others show keen right-hand playing everywhere.

Above all these details, Atomik Tommy M is a fantastic player. His scaling and phrasing could be called very orthodox, but he has Michael's strict sense of melody. And he likes the long delay sound effects.

Lastly, I would like all guitar kids to reference the Rock Me middle part solo example below where examples of Atomik Play are pointed out.

Beneath the music:

1. If you look at the picture you will understand entirely how to do no-picking play. After the trill, gliss in the position down while hammering and pulling.

2. Then gliss to the position up while playing the hammering and pulling phrase. Gliss the same way with the arm lightly down at that point.

3. In the rather fast phrase it's entirely picking. It's rather detailed and played forcefully.

4. Pay attention to the point where you play with light arming down.

(Again, signed by Kurihara Tsutomu)

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