Tab Book Details

At home I have a copy of a tab book for loads of Schenker/UFO songs. It's fairly old, so probably out of print but I'm in the process (as of 6th September 1996) of finding out from the company if they are still available (they have a web page!)

My book details are:

Title: Michael Schenker (!), 'Play It Like It Is' series,
Edited By: Milton Okun

ISBN 0-89524-236-2

Copyright 1986, Cherry Lane Music Co. Ltd. (Chrysalis ?)
PO Box 430,
Port Chester,
NY 10573.

Price: $16.95

Brent Chezenko has also sent me the following details of Tab books, some from the same company:
  1. The Best Of Michael Schenker. by, Wise Publications--ISBN #0.7119.0177.5 ORDER# AM31840

  2. McAuley Schenker Group--Play It Like It Is Save Yourself by, Cherry Lane Music Co. Inc ISBN# 0-89524-591-4

  3. Mc Auley Schenker Group Perfect Timing by, Cherry Lane Music Co. Inc. ISBN# 0-89524-364-4

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