The Michael Schenker Group

Arachnophobiac World Tour 2003/2004

After a rather rocky patch for Michael Schenker, with aborted shows, lacklustre performances, and well documented personal problems, he has bounced back with stunning performances on a tour designed to confound his critics. If anyone had written Michael off, then now is the time to eat humble pie and admit that the man is BACK, ably supported by the current MSG line-up of Chris Logan (vocals), Wayne Findlay (rhythm guitar,keyboards), Rev Jones (bass) and Pete Holmes (drums).

Set list from Bradford, UK 6/3/04

Bradford Rios 6/3/04 in pictures

Mainly of Michael because I was stood right in front of him!


Pictures from Dudley 8/3/04

All these pictures copyright Simon Thompson 2004 (Thanks Simon)

Video clip from Badford show (thanks Simon)

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The Tour Dates

MSG minus Michael Schenker, from left to right: Chris Logan, (Dave Wood!), Wayne Findlay, Rev Jones, Pete Holmes.

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