MSG at House Of Blues, Chicago, USA

28th November 2001

Wednesday night at the House of Blues was a great show.

Pretty much the same setlist as what you have listed. Michael was in fine form and not missing a lick. It was easy to see that he was having a great time with smiles back and forth between the band. Michael wore a vest, shorts,and tennis shoes without socks it appeared. I must admit the earlier review saying he looked a little like Charlie Manson was quite correct. His long beard reminded me of when Jimmy Page had the beard for awhile. Pete Way came out after about half a dozen tunes and they did the "Plot" stuff which broke the flow of the show. Pete looked to have had a few beverages. The Rev' took back over the bass chores and played the snot out of his bass all night. Things picked up when they got back into the MSG catalog. The band seemed really tight and being the third night in the same place all looked well rested. The show got better and better as they went on and the encore's were over the top. Attack of the Mad Axeman,Armed and Ready, Assault Attack and Rock My Nights Away were screamin'. Pete came out for the 2nd encore. Crowd went crazy during Doctor and you could tell the band was digging it. Michael went along the edge of the stage and slapped hands with most everyone in the front row and exchanged numerous smiles.

Are you Ready to Rock and Lost Horizon were both hot numbers during the set. Chris Logan handled the vocals very well throught the set.

After 3 nites at the amazingly beautiful House of Blues it will be quite a change when they hit Otto's in Dekalb. It is a small bar with a tiny stage. I also would have liked to hear a few more UFO tunes but can't complain with the two hours of songs that were played. At the merch. stand they are selling Thank You 3 which is acoustic/instrumental-11 tracks which will go in the cd player as I say Good Night!

David Gauger

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