MSG at House Of Blues, Chicago, USA

27th November 2001

Just got back from the House of Blues show in Chicago. 2nd of three nights (11/26-11/28). The band and Michael jammed ferociously. Pete came on in the middle of the MSG set (MSG singer and bass man departing at that time) to perform with Michael as "the Plot", playing straight rock & roll numbers reminiscent of harder Steve Marriott Humble Pie, and to my ears at least, some early punk(?!?). The crowd was initially somewhat dumbstruck, I think, but got into it. Pete took the microphone for vocal duties and swung the T-bird around a bit.

Schenker looks like he was enoying himself, although at first appearance, it looked like Ted Kasczinski (aka the Unabomer) had strapped on a B&W tuxedo Flying V and taken the stage. Mikey had a grizzly beard and teased & unkempt hair. But he was very much on, and both he and Pete looked very healthy (as much as could be expected, coming from them of course!)

The singer was more than adequate, as was the rhythm/ivories man. Drummer (Jeremy something) looked to be all of 21 years old, but really kicked. The bassist looked like a mix between Flea from the Chili Peppers and a non-made up member of Mudvayne (think goatee, pony-tail coming from his forehead which he swung about like a propeller, tattoos and a midsection suggesting he liked an occasional beer - but nonetheless was an impressive player). A shirtless Peter Way joined said bassist for a twin-bass attack of Doctor Doctor for the final encore. A lot of good feelings were evident amongst Mike, Pete, band and fans. I was situated at the rail in the front, explaining my post show-cotton ears (eh? wot was that you say??)

Not a setlist man here, but it appeared that they played all the MSG standards, with a show that topped well over two hours.

A worthwhile use of your hard-earned pennies. I recommend your attendance should they stop by in your vicinity.

Jim Mitsch

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