MSG at House Of Blues, Chicago, USA

26th November 2001

Opening day of the MSG "Scorpion" tour:

I am sorry to say that last nights opening show for Michael Schenker's current tour was gravely disappointing. After the second song, it was apparent that Michael was not in prime form. Everyone can have an off night, and I hope for everyone who is going to future shows gets what they paid for, but with missed notes and overall sloppy playing, I will not go to Tuesdays' or Wednesdays' shows at the Chicago House of Blues.

The band was not impressive either. The bass player seemed more interested in twirling his hair than playing the bass. Maybe my friends and I were spoiled by the show we saw during the "Unforgiven" tour which was too good to describe with words and left my jaw on the floor as I stood in awe. That show was also at the House of Blues, Chicago.

Unfortunately, I bought 20 tickets, yeah, 20, thinking that everyone should see MSG in concert. The people paid me for their tickets (face value), and after the show, I told them that I would refund their money. So far, nobody asked for their money back, but I feel guilty bringing them to such a poor performance. Sadly, only about 2 people said the show was alright, the rest, many hard core fans, were very disappointed. Some of us are wondering if Michael is experiencing some personal problems; we would like to know why he was so off.

Did anyone else see the show? What did you think?


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