MSG at House Of Blues, Chicago, USA

26th November 2001.

I see here I will be the first FEMALE reviewer....:) How cool! I was thrilled to attend the very first MSG show at House of Blues here in Chicago on November 26th, 2001. Got there about 8:30 and the place was jam packed on a Monday night!! You could feel the energy in the crowd. I weaseled my way up to front row, center. As I waited for the opening band, I talked with the people around me, and seemed like everyone was dying to see a good rock show. Well, we got our wishes!!

The opening band was pretty good. They got the crowd into the mood and then the curtains went down and we waited anxiously for MSG. Nobody wanted to move from where they were standing! I dared not loose my precious front row spot though it was hot in the crowd and I needed a rum and coke...:) People started yelling "UFO" "MSG" "SCHENKER" and it just got the crowd more psyched. Suddenly the Radio Station lady introduced MSG and they burst upon the stage...Schenker just pouring out the music, thundering electricity. Yep, Schenker still is a Guitar God. I hadn't seen him play since he was in the Scorpions. Second song, singer Chris Logan strutted onto the stage and began singing ...hypnotically powerful. Also did several tunes from the new CD which I recognized. It was totally cool to hear the new music and I was entranced. And I had a great view too....:)

Halfway thru the show, Pete Way came out, did the Plot stuff, and certainly was entertaining. I dont know what he was singing...but it was so "rock and roll" it was cool. Kinda Wayne's World cool. As if that wasn't enough, then Chris Logan came back and belted out more tunes. Chris and Pete sang something and laughed, having a good time. All the band members really looked like they were having fun that night. The young drummer was really with it. The bass player Rev spun his ponytail like a tornado.

Towards the end of the show...I almost fainted when they did "Doctor Doctor." Had no idea they'd do any UFO songs! What a treat!! Would have loved to hear "Love to Love..." The crowd went wild to hear this classic rock song, the drunk guy behind me began acting like the Energizer Bunny during this time and even Chris Logan noticed and laughed onstage.

I have been to 62 major concerts and I can say this was one of THE BEST...if not the most memorable. MSG assaulted us with over 2 hours of nonstop rock, delivering pure energy, and an entertaining show. I left happy. I will go see them again for sure. You should too.

Only observation is: no one the crowd seemed to know the words to the new songs. WHY is this new MSG album getting no airplay? I have not heard one MSG song on any rock station here and that sucks.



Chicago, IL

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