MSG at Pop's, Illinois, USA

1st December 2001

1st let me say I have been a fan since I heard "Force It" in 1975. Michael is definitely the single most talented guitar player on the face of gods earth.

The show Saturday night was good, real good. It pretty much followed the set list posted, I was expecting more UFO but who cares. Michael rocked like nobody's business. The appearance of Mr. Way in the middle of the show was a surprise to my friend (I knew but didn't tell him): the plot songs were good although Pete Way can't sing very well, but he gave it the old college try and that's what counts.

Anyway , I saw MSG the last time they were in town (May, 2000) and all I can say is that I wish Michael would have been in the company of Barry Sparks and Shane Gaallaas this time around. The sound mix was better last time and the backing band was better, as was the venue (Mississippi Nights). But what can I say you take Michael when you can get him.

Also, the opening band, Perpetual, thoroughly sucked. I was giving 5-1 that the guitar player would off himself after watching Michael play.

Cry For The Nations and Rock My Nights Away were welcome surprises, and when Pete came out for Doctor, Doctor one could only dream of UFO, seeing them in '95 was the best concert I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot, including Stones, Who and Led Zeppelin.

Let us all hope and pray that the new UFO album and tour go off without a hitch in 2002.

Matt Clark

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