MSG at Pop's, Illinois, USA

1st December 2001

First off Pops is a killer rock club, for a bar you really don't get any better than this place. Got there pretty early and found the parking lot virtually empty, but after awhile the place was filled comfortably with MSG and UFO fans alike. The other memebers of MSG and Pete Way were also spotted hanging around; very friendly and seemed in good spirits.

I'm not going to spend much time on the opening act, perpetual or was more of a comedy act than anything, bands like this give mu sic a bad name.

This was the most up-close and personal show I've seen of his and I was amazed. Into the Arena is a perfect opener for a great show and it was. I'm sure everyone knows the set list by now but as for all the people who are expecting a UFO or a MSG classics set well I don't know, I go to the shows to hear what he has new, what new players he has ( which by the way were all incredible ! ), whats he gonna look like new news ya know? I personally would like to hear more new stuff, but thats just me.

Pete Way was there for the Plot mini set in between, sounded almost like old school punk or a Keith Richards type of thing I found it to be quite rockin' and would highly recomend to anyone to catch them w hen they come back. Pete has been through a lot lately and deserves credit and respect for being there for the fans, when we want him for a great perfomance he pul ls through. All in all my most memorable just because it was so up-close and such a killer performance. Michael is truley the most underrated guitarist of all time, when he plays it's magic.

Shayson V. Clay

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