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Also avaliable:translation of liner notes to Japanese pressing of Misdemeanor.

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(Band story)

Peeking behind the scenes at UFO's tragic breakup, you could see many competing causes -- the departure of Michael Schenker and Phil Mogg's good buddy Pete Way, and a return to the heavy drinking from bygone days (causing colleagues to attack them in the press with "UFO is swimming in alcohol!"). While Michael Schenker shouted that alcohol was making his body weak [...something about escaping from UFO's strange characteristic and telling tales???]. This Michael Schenker, fleeing his crises period, is playing 8-30 & 8-31 at the Monsters of Rock Festival, same as England's Festival, in Germany. The writer hopes that a disc of these shows will go on sale.

As for the Europe tour, surely in Greece the end of UFO history was marked, as naturally as a wave washed out the NWOBHM. However, when the tour suddenly broke up midway, it was shocking. Original members Phil Mogg and Andy Parker remained to the very end. But as Andy though weakly of the band's existence, it was becoming UFO leader Phil Mogg's idea. Phil then is the character at the center of the UFO reunion story, so I will follow his moves.

I heard from someone named Tommy McClendon in the San Francisco suburbs[!!!] of Stockton that Phil was in California. Tommy's a Nisei, and although his dear older brother Danny speaks Japanese, Tommy regretfully cannot. However, he looks and has the mood of a Japanese person. Around '81, Tommy formed the trio Boy Wonder, a locally-performing rock group, and in his home garage recorded 8 tunes for a demo tape that became a hot topic of conversation for his keen-eared colleagues.

So how did Phil & Tommy meet? They both knew Mike Varney (who'd discovered Yngwie Malmsteen, black guitarist Tony McAlpine, and 19-year-old guitarist Paul Gilbert). He was in charge of an American guitar magazine's new guitarist column, to which hopefuls sent demo tapes, hoping to debut on Shrapnel Records (...something about driving a Benz and living in a mansion, how that's a very American ideal but Japanese people don't follow that.) Phil needed a talented guitarist for his UFO reunion, so he approached Mike for consultation and introduction.

Mike first introduced Yngwie Malmsteen. But Yngwie'd already decided to join Rainbow's Graham Bonnet in Alcatrazz, so Phil didn't obtain the benefit of his joining. Again he consulted with Mike, and learned of Tommy McClendon in Stockton.

Phil flew from L.A. to San Francisco to meet Tommy, have a jam session and see how well he'd get on with Tommy, and invited him to join the band. Phil decided to call the new group UFO. While Tommy remained in Stockton Phil returned to England to consult with a lawyer about returning to Chrysalis, Tommy broiled under the sun in America, calling Phil daily to ask about the reunion, when recording would begin, and other worries. Almost a year and a half later Tommy flew to Birmingham England.

UFO is Phil Mogg, old pal Paul Raymond, Paul Gray, Jim Simpson and Atomik Tommy M (which is what Tommy changed his name to). After rehearsing in Birmingham they went into a studio with veteran producer Nick Tauber. New album "Misdemeanor" has a sound that isn't Michael Schenker, isn't Paul Chapman but is perfectly Atomik Tommy M. The new UFO sound is acutely hard rock. It is the opposite of the sweet melody of the Michael Schenker era, an expression of modern hard rock. The American LP, remixed by Dave Wittman, brings the guitar to the front to change the sound attack.

This UFO live disc was released after the UK tour. Observing the reformed UFO, it's still Phil Mogg's spirit. As frontman he stands at the center of attention very strictly. Also, you can see Tommy McClendon's guitar work live. He uses effective arming style, has a prominent guitarist image, and creates extraordinary works. New guitarists say they want to imitate his excellent command of techniques. This disk is of value just to see his unparalleled techniques.

UFO's sound ... [something about pride and action of British Rock.] UFO naturally sets free sharp rays of light. Phil obtained Tommy's help, and engraves the new UFO history indelibly on one's heart.

I want to see it raw, live. After this disk ended, I cried like a beast with a dry throat wanting water.

Signed, Masa(nori) Ito, July 28, 1986.

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