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Official Sites


UFO and Schenker Pages

UFO and Michael Schenker Web Page (this site!)

Tristan's Michael Schenker Page.

Swedish UFO/MSG page from Magnus!

Peter Mondria's Michael Schenker Web Page

UFO and Waysted (Angus's site ... good pictures!)

Danny Peyronel Bio

Another MSG Home Page to try !

Takashi Toda's Michael Schenker HomePage
(in Japanese ....)

Ritchie Blackmore Araki's Homepage for Music Lovers!

On With The Action

The only Polish UFO web site in the Net!.

Other Connected Bands/Artists

Robin McAuley

Authorized Uli Jon Roth page

Official Uli Jon Roth page

Official Cozy Powell Home Page

Cosmosquad (Jeff Kollman, Shane Gaalaas, Barry Sparks)

Official Shane Gaalaas Site

Official Jeff Kollman Site

Official Walt James Site (Pete Way solo)

Dio Homepage (Simon Wright connection)

Graham Bonnet Official Page

Kelly Keeling

Dokken (Barry Sparks and Kelly Keeling connection).

Heavy Metal Kids

Don Airey

Support Bands and Cover Bands

The Quireboys

Force It (UK tribute band)


Hard Radio, internet radio station

Rock Reunion

Home of Zoom Club Records

Brave Radio

The House Of Shred

Lost Horizons (mail order company in Japan) now have an internet site .......

Marc Fettarappa's Gibson Flying V's Home Page

Toms page .. Experience Superiority - kick ass album reviews!

Sensational Alex Harvey Band (the Glenn/McKenna connection!)

and another Sensational Alex Harvey Band page.

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