Flyer from the first Lone Star album. The text in its entirety:

LONE STAR are in an enviable, if curious, position. Overnight they have sprung from nowhere, bringing music that seems set to topple many of the world's established bands. Much ammunition for their imminent assault on the bastions of rock's hierarchy stems from LONE STAR's fresh, youthful ambition. That freshness (nevertheless coupled with enough experience to breed devastating ability) brings a new vitality to a tried and trusted, but nowadays often lifeless, style of rock. The band thus have a head start on their rivals, many of whom are suffering from a drought of new ideas. LONE STAR will have little trouble grabbing the crown of highest success with their explosive, dynamic music.

LONE STAR began rehearsing in earnest during the summer of '75 when vocalist KEN DRISCOLL and guitarist TONY SMITH decided to assemble the band they had always wanted. Each member - with the exception of keyboard maestro RICK WORSNOP - had either known or worked with the others at some time. With mutual admiration for each other's abilities and freedom from obligations to other outfits, the makings of LONE STAR, and a world conquest, was begun.

The band started as a five piece, searching in vain for a sympathetic keyboard player. The addition of Rick was by complete chance. Ken happened to be in Canada when countless keyboard hopefuls were being auditioned - and rejected - back in Wales. In a music shop in Waterloo, Ontario he spotted the diminutive, but colorful, character demonstrating synthesizers. They got talking, Ken realized Rick was the man LONE STAR had been searching for, offered him the job and, within days, Rick was rehearsing with the band in Wales.

Once assembled, the band wrote and perfected an extensive repertoire, found themselves a manager - STEVE WOOD - and proceeded to knock the CBS A&R Department flat with their demos. They signed a longterm, worldwide deal in January 1976 and the realisation of their ambitions had begun.

Their first album LONE STAR has rendered even their most optimistic and fanatical supporters speechless at the results. All the hopes and dreams have materialised in an album which, for a debut of virtual unknowns, represents a staggering achievement.

The album was recorded during June in Copenhagen with ROY THOMAS BAKER (famed for his innovative work with Queen, Pilot and Man) at the production helm. The result is all that could be expected (and a considerable amount more) from dynamic new talent working hand-in-hand with seasoned expertise.

At last, a brand new British band has been found alive and well and rarin' to go. Watch them - they've only just begun.

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Dennis Cossens

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