$IGN OF 4 at Southend, 21st November 2002

Went down to Southend to see "the Guvnor" having undergone his latest metamorphosis bringing $ign of 4 to Essex. First time I'd visited Chinnerys on the front but the jaunt proved worthwhile.I can honestly say that this was an astonishing performance by any standards. I went along with three other UFO die -hards who were gob-smacked by the sheer quality of the show. On the journey back the talk was all about Phil's ability to consistently produce the goods coupled with his knack of unearthing premier league guitarists for us mere mortals to savour. it was the first time any of us had enjoyed the Jeff Kollman experience but mark my words this lad is a fretboard magician.

The new album was showcased courtesy of a blinding combination of the rhythm section comprising Gaalaas and Maloney with Mark Renk proving a worthy team-mate on the keyboards. Mogg's velvet vocals on the title track of the latest platter were preceded by the raunchy Driven as Phil said goodbye to his old friends and Jeff's searing solo reminded us all what it was like to see a band who could play to a small crowd and prove that motivation comes from within.

'Overload' gave the lads the chance to screw down the floor boards and my personal favourite 'Song Keeps Coming' was delivered with some aplomb.

Too close to the Sun proved we can't forget the Chocolate Box compilation paving the way for later deliveries of Muddy's Gold giving rise to Renk's keyboard induced introduction to the dramatic Jerusalem.

The band exchanged new for old with a crisp delivery of Mother Mary which had us all engaging our mobiles offering a live link to those unlucky enough to be absent on this memorable evening.

The great man swaggered through a ballsy 'Bad on Bad' - Jeff chasing his vocals with a stunning series of licks. The popular 'Beautiful Friend' will prove a future crowd favourite emphasising that anyone who has not purchased the latest offering from +ACQ-ign of 4 must put this on their Christmas wish-list.

The return to nostalgia allowed Maloney and Gaalaas to show off their talents in a brilliant rendition of Too Hot To Handle. Phil heralded the close of the show with a powerful delivery of 'Lights Out' (in Southend).

The scant crowd bayed for more and were rewarded when Kollman's introduction of 'Mystery Train' signalled the encore extending a superb evening's entertainment. The icing on the cake came when Mogg spat out Shoot Shoot with all his old venom to send the purists home with something to talk about in work the next day.

Best Regards
Dean Barwick
$ign of 4 Fan

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