$IGN OF 4 at Dudley, London, Oxford, November 2002

At long last I am able to sit down at my PC to write my review of the recent Sign of 4 Dates.

So here goes.

I attended the following Dates on the recent Sign of 4 Tour to promote the release of their brilliant new album Dancing with St Peter.

Dudley JB's - 17/11/2002.
London Marquee 19/11/2002.
Oxford Zodiac 23/11/2002.

I would like to start by saying that anyone who likes UFO (and I Love UFO) who did not attend any of the dates on this Tour do not know what they missed because this band Kicked Some Serious Butt, from the opening number 'Driven' right thro! to the UFO Classic “Shoot Shoot” there was an energy/chemistry that really clicked from the word go.

Phil Mogg’s vocals came across Brilliantly with shear class and anyone who was at any of the gigs would realise that all said and done it's Vocal Melodies and Lyrics that are the basis for a Classic Song and Phil for my money seems to have a knack of writing Classic Songs at will.

Jeff Kollmans guitar playing was phenomenal and complemented the songs perfectly. The one thing that struck me though was his ability to play in so many different styles >From a sort of Funk to Blues/Jazz, from an almost Classical (not Malmsteen though) to Pure Rock. Also he played the UFO songs superbly without copying Schenker/Chapmans solos note for note, he played them his own way with little snippets of Schenker/Chapman.

The rest of the Band Shane Galass, Chris Maloney and Mark Renk deserve a special mention for their excellent performances, I got a real Buzz/Vibe from being in the audience and feeling the sheer enjoyment being portrayed from these guys. This is a 'BAND' who really enjoyed what they were doing.

As an added Bonus anyone who stopped after the gig got to meet the Band who signed autographs and had their photographs taken with people.

I would like to thank the Band personally for the time they spent talking to me over the 3 dates that I attended.

To some up the Band played an excellent mix of songs from the Sign of 4 Album, Mogg / Ways Chocolate Box Album and Classic UFO Songs.

All I can add is do not leave it to long before you come back to do some more dates in the U.K. / Europe.

Set List:

and Backing Vocals
Song Keeps Coming
Too Close to the Sun
Backing Vocals
Dancing with St Peter
Muddies Gold
Mother Mary
Bad on Bad
Beautiful Friend
Too Hot to Handle
Lights Out
Mystery Train
Shoot Shoot

Andy Greig

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