$IGN OF 4 at Swansea, 16th November 2002

Being a big fan of the Mogg/Kollman combination, the wife and I travelled the 18 miles to the Patti Pavilion, Swansea, for the $ign of of Four gig. We arrived early, so picked up our tickets and made a quick shifty to the nearest boozer. After a few bevs, we made our way to the venue. We got there at around 7.30pm and were the only ones there at that point. There were a dozen or so tables arranged in front of the stage, and if it wasn't for the kit set up on the stage the scene was set for a game of bingo! Candyheads came on at around at around 8.15pm, the crowd had swelled to a massive 20 (including the bar staff). They played a great set - I was starting to feel a bit disappointed regarding the turn out. $ign of Four came on to the applause of around 50-60 fans and kicked off with Driven, off the very impressive new album Dancing with St Peter. I had a seat smack in front the stage, nobody was standing, it was like having the band in my front room. They played a few more off St Peter and then rocked into Muddies Gold and Jerusalem. If you shut your eyes, it was like listening to the album - fucking awesome. The first UFO track played was Mother Mary (my disappointment regarding the size of the crowd had by now disappeared) I was in heaven. Lights Out and Too Hot to Handle got the wife and this other chick up dancing, Mogg said "I haven't seen dancing like that since 1955". The gig was turning into a classic - Shoot Shoot and Mystery Train finished it all off and I was well satisfied, they were outstanding! A gig I will never forget.

Travelled up to Oxford for a second serving. Again, a small crowd, but the performance was superb. Standing right in front of Moggy and loved every minute. Great band, fantastic new album - let's have some more!

Mark Parsons

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