By Magnus

HOLY FUCKIN' SMOKE - Sorry, can't find another way to say IT !

The Unidentified Flying Object are back - harder than ever . . . . . .

Yesterday [2000-07-17] I had the opportunity to borrow the new UFO-CD: Covenant, I'm still waiting for my copy. So 'after work' I went home and 6 h later .... :o) wet of sweat ! The first three tracks: Love Is Forever, Unravelled & Miss The Lights rock's off like real UFO-classicals. Great heavy riff's straight from the hips of the Axemaster mixed perfectly with Mogg's vocal and speaking of Phil - he has never sounded more heavy than before. He's doin' a tremendous work on this album !!! If this wasn't enough - the pace are now getting faster & faster with the next two rollerCoaster: Midnight Train & Fool's Gold. There are only 'one' word for these two songs - 'PeteWay'. Fast and Heavy and Phil's voice again are just f.... great. Fool's Gold starts up very soft and a with a nice touch of blues and You're thinking: perhaps a new Love To Love ..... and then Schenker goes 'crazy' ! Next track out is In The Middle of Madness, a very 'catchy' song with a great chorus. Smell of Money & Rise Again are two heavy and 'bluesy' songs with cool riffs. Track No. 9 - Serenade - is a surprise. Very 'Spanish/South American' style, one of the absolute [vodka] coolest songs on this album. So far one of my favourite among the ass-cool-rockin' Unraveled. When you are getting to the ending solo you are about to 'cry' of happiness.... The two last tracks: Cowboy Joe, The World And His Dog rock's off great with two sharp-cool guitarsolo's. The World And His Dog will be the perfect ending-encore - YEAHHH ! Over all this is the most strongest & completed, in my opinion, record UFO has ever made. Covenant can't really be compared with 'WOW' - the records are 'playing' in two different 'leagues'. The sound is very raw and heavy, I don't really know how to explain it but it sounds 'BIG' & fresh and Mogg's voice are better than ever - deep and RAW. There is really not a song which is poor or weak, 11 strong tracks, I promise You. And of course the guitarplaying from Schenker is superb. Soooo I don't think that any of You 'Die-Hard-UFO-fans' out there will be disappointed. I would like very much to hear YOUR opinion - so please feel free to e-mail,!

Magnus 2000-07-18 time 23.59


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