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The folowing list is by no means exhaustive, and has partly been collated from information from 'Misty Green And Blue' and email from regular visitors to these pages.

If anyone knows of any others floating about please let me know about them!

Disclaimer: I in NO WAY endorse the making and selling of bootlegs whose main aim is to make money illegally at the expense of those artists who lay claim to the copyright.

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BBC Radio 1

Windsong - WINDCD 016

Most of this is a Hammersmith Odeon performance from 1980, with the last four tracks being from the 1974 BBC session.

Parkers Birthday


Recorded on the first leg of the 'Strangers' tour ('79 ?) this recording features Paul Chapmans first stint as guitarist, following one of Schenkers 'dissapearances'. The title comes from a birthday wish from Mogg to Parker during the show.

The Decca Years

REP 4311-WG

Mainly early stuff with Mick Bolton, but also contains the first two tracks ever recorded with Schenker; "Give Her The Gun" and "Sweet Little Thing".

Frankfurt Special

Japan - Bang-017/18

A bootleg from one of the first re-union concerts of 16th december 1993, track listing as follows:

Natural Thing / Mother Mary / Let It Roll / Out In The Street / This Kids / Only You Can Rock Me / Open And Willing / Positive Forward / Hot 'n' Ready / Too Hot To Handle / Love To Love / Lights Out / Doctor Doctor / Rock Bottom / Shoot Shoot.

The Ultimate Fifteen Objects

Japan - Bang-006

First eleven tracks are from the Record Plant show of 14/10/75, the final four from the December '75 BBC "in concert" session.

Let It Roll / Doctor Doctor / Oh My / Built For Comfort / Out In The Street / Space Child / Mother Mary / All Or Nothing / This Kids / Shoot Shoot / Rock Bottom / Let It Roll / Doctor Doctor / Shoot Shoot.


UK - Castle/Essential ESDCD 218

Recorded Texas/Tokyo in 1979/1992.

Electric Phase / Hot 'n' Ready / Pack It Up (and go) / Cherry / Out In The Street / Let It Roll / Too Hot To Handle / Love To Love / Doctor Doctor / Only You Can Rock Me / Lights Out / Rock Bottom.

Running Up The Highway / Borderline / Too Hot To Handle / She's The One / Cherry / Back Door Man / One Of Those Nights / Love To Love / Only You Can Rock Me / Lights Out / Doctor Doctor / Rock Bottom / Shoot Shoot / C'mon Everybody.

High Flyer

Japan N-005

BBC session from Golders Green Hippodrome June 1974.

Oh My / Built For Comfort / Space Child / Rock Bottom / Doctor Doctor

With the addition of the rare German single "Give Her The Gun" b/w "Sweet Little Thing".


Japan Recorded live in Tokyo 16/6/94

No Company credit..
Disk 1 Disk # : ZA27 SQS013, Mx # : SQS013 64575XK1 IFPI L601
Disk 2 Disk # : ZA28 SQS014, Mx # : SQS014 64561XK1 IFPI L601

Natural Thing / Mother Mary / Let It Roll / Out In The Street / This Kids / Only You Can Rock Me / Love To Love / Hot 'n' Ready / Too Hot To Handle / Lights Out / Doctor Doctor / Rock Bottom / Shoot Shoot / C'mon Everybody.


Tracks 1-13 Live from Chicago 13th Oct. 1978, track 14 live B-side of Doctor Doctor single

Hot n Ready / Pack It Up / Cherry / Let It Roll / Love To Love / Only You Can Rock Me / Ain't No Baby / Out In The Streets / Doctor Doctor / Lights Out / Rock Bottom / Too Hot To Handle / Shoot Shoot / On With The Action.

Thanks to Paul Clarke

By Request

Tracks 1-2 1974 BBC Studio Live, 3-9 Zurich 3-5-74, 10 Blackpool Soundcheck 11-6-77

Give Her The Gun / Time On My Hands / Space Child / Rock Bottom / Cold Turkey / Prince Kajuku / Boogie For George / Back To The USA / C'Mon Everybody / Try Me/Just Another Suicide.


A two CD limited edition (500 copies) box set (comes in tin). The two discs were recorded in LA, one disc on Oct 15 at the Ventura and one on Oct 20 at the Palace.

Disc 1 (Ventura) Natural Thing / Mother Mary / Let It Roll / This Kids / Out In The Streets / Venus / Pushed To The Limit / Love To Love / Only You Can Rock Me / Too Hot To Handle / Lights Out / Doctor Doctor / Rock Bottom / Shoot Shoot / C'Mon Everybody.

Disc 2 (Hollywood) Natural Thing / Mother Mary / Venus / Pushed To The Limit / Love To Love / Only You Can Rock Me / Too Hot To Handle / Lights Out / Doctor Doctor / Rock Bottom / Shoot Shoot / C'Mon Everybody.

I've recently been told of a bootleg that's out there somewhere, the details are:
In 1981,

Pete Way (UFO)
Micky Geggus (Cockney Rejects)
Keith Warrington (Cockney Rejects)
Paul Weller (The Jam in those days)

Recorded a ballad called "England". It was never released officially. Anybody else heard of it?

Bootleg Live-CD , Jun.23,1979 at Nakano Sunplaza-Hall, show performed by Chapman/Mogg/Parker/Raymond/Way line-up. Set list:

Electric phase / Hot'n ready / Cherry / Mother mary / Out in the street / Let it roll / Too hot too handle / Love to love / Doctor doctor / Lights out / Rock bottom / Only you can rock me / Shoot shoot

MSG - Here I Am CD.

Recorded 30/8/86 at Monsters of Rock, Nurenburg, W. Germany. Also includes three bonus tracks taken from Perfect Timing demo. Set list:

Armed and Ready / Rock My Nights Away / Cry For The Nations / Here I Am / Here Today Gone Tomorrow / On And On / Courvoisier Concert / Lost Horizons / Into The Arena / I'm Gonna Make You Mine / Rock Bottom

Bonus Tracks:

My Heart On Hold / I Don't Wanna Lose / Burning With Desire

UFO Landed London

This is a live CD produced by Bondage Records of the 1982 BBC live broadcast from Hammersmith Odeon:

we belong to the night / Let it rain / Wild, willing and innocent / Only you can rock me / Long gone / No place to run / Love to love / Doing it all for you / Making moves / Too hot to handle

Michael Schenker - By Request

8-Ball. Tracks 1,2, 7-10 MSG (last four original mix), tracks 3-6 Contraband Accoustic Live (pre-tour warm up gig minus Blotzer and Guns):

Girl From Uptown / Don't Take It Out On Me / Bad For Each Other / Loud Guitars / I Got Tonight In My Eyes (Tonight You're Mine) / All The Way To Memphis (From Memphis?) / Walk The Stage / I'm Gonna Make You Mine / Captain Nemo / The Dogs Of War

Michael Schenker - In Search Of My Mind

Bio 09/10. Bootleg of Coach House gig, San Juan Capistrano, Ca. 11/14/96:

On and On / Ready to Rock / Armed and Ready / Assault Attack / Natural Thing / Let It Roll / Written in the Sand / Back to Life / Essence / Bijou Pleasurette / Lipstick Traces / Positive Forward / In Search of a Piece of Mind (?!) / Lost Horizons / Into the Arena / Feels Like a Good Thing / Attack of the Mad Axeman / Love to Love / Only You Can Rock Me / Another Piece of Meat / Too Hot to Handle / Lights Out / Doctor Doctor / Rock Bottom.

Schenker vs. Chapman

An interesting little number which compares the live performances of Michael Schenker and Paul Chapman playing the same songs. Notable are its inclusion of some rather obscure recordings, which is nice! Can get a little monotonous though, but a nice idea to try and compare the two.. although it's probably best to realise that both have very different styles.
  1. Too Hot To Handle (BBC Maisa Vale session, 77)
  2. Too Hot To Handle (Chicago Amphitheater, 81)
  3. Doctor Doctor (Germany, 74)
  4. Doctor Doctor (Birmingham Odeon, 81)
  5. Cherry (Randhurst Mall, Il., 78)
  6. Cherry (Birmingham Odeon, 81)
  7. Only You Can Rock Me (Randhurst Mall, 78)
  8. Only You Can Rock Me (Hammersmith Odeon, London, 83)
  9. Lights Out (Nuremburg, Germany, 93)
  10. Lights Out (Chicago Amphitheater, 81)
  11. Let It Roll (Fagans, Fishmongers Arms, London, 75)
  12. Let It Roll (Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, 79)
  13. Shoot Shoot (Cleveland, 95)
  14. Shoot Shoot (Birmingham Odeon, 81)

MSG - Welcome Back Gary

Released through 'Vipera' in Canada this is a boot from the 98 G3 tour of MSG, Uli Jon Roth and Joe Satriani and is recorded at Stahlwerk, Dusseldorf, Germany May 27th 1998. Notable is the fact that they claim it is all properly copyrighted, and they nicked the G3 photos that I took and put on my site for the insert! Bastards! (Title comes from the fact that Gary Barden made a guest appearance most of the shows * below.)

In Search Of My Peace Of Mind / Assault Attack / Another Piece Of Meat / Into The Arena / Let It Roll / Captain Nemo / Written In The Sand Essence / Lost Horizons* / Attack Of The Mad Axeman* / Bijou Pleasurette / Positive Forward / Armed and Ready* / The Thrill Has Gone (Jam with Roth and Satriani).

MSG - Dead Kennedy

No details on the exact date, but would have been recorded when one Ray Kennedy was performing vocals... so that narrows it down considerably (without doubt the worst recruitment cock-up of Schenkers entire career - note the extended instrumental spot in the middle!). Group completed by Andy Nye, Ted McKenna, Dennis Feldman.

Captain Nemo / Rock My Nights Away / Are You Ready / Cry For The Nations / On And On / Mad Axeman / Lipstick Traces / Bijou Pleasurette / Into The Arena / Courvioisier / Rock Will Never Die / Gonna Make You Mine / Rock Bottom / Doctor Doctor

MSG - Happy Birthday Klaus

Recorded 5/5/90 at The Place, Los Angeles (and bonus tracks at Frankfurt, 11/4/91) this CD gets its name from it being Klaus Meines birthday, and the event being celebrated by Robin McAuley singing Happy Birthday! Followed by Klaus and Robin singing on Doctor Doctor. Are very few boots of McAuley Schenker.. this is one of the best.

Save Yourself / Bad Boys / Gimme Your Heart / This Is My Heart / Into The Arena / On And On / Lost Horizons / Anytime / Get Down To Business / I Am Your Radio / Rock Bottom / Lights Out / Happy Birthday Klaus / Doctor Doctor. BONUS TRACKS: Anytime / We Believe In Love / What Happens To Me / Bad Boys / When I'm Gone / Never Ending Nightmare.

UFO - Play In Holland

Recorded 25/11/97 at Tilburg, Holland.

Natural Thing / Mother Mary / Self Made Man / Electric Phase / This Kids / Out In The Street / One More For The Rodeo / Venus / Pushed To The Limit / Love To Love / Too Hot To Handle / Only You Can Rock Me / Lights Out / Doctor Doctor / Rock Bottom / Shoot Shoot.

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