Here's an article from Young Guitar March 1984 translated by my wife Takako about Michael smashing his guitar at a concert and a picture of the scar - Mike Stephansky

January 11th 1984 at Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan during the first day of MSG's Japan tour.

During the second song of the encore, right before the solo part, what hell! A fan through a lighter and hit Michael's head! Michael's face lost his smile and he got enraged.

All of a sudden he lifted his Flying V above his head and slammed it onto the stage! It was just like the cover photo of 'Built to Destroy'

This is the painful scar, but the roadie foxed it and they could finish the rest of the tour all right. (thank you for your trouble)

But it's irritating to me who through that lighter!
It was so senseless!
It was outrageous!
It is natural that Michael should get angry
This is a very good time to think over the concert manners

--- From Young Guitar Magazine March 1984 page 177 column Pick-up News

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