MSG - Electric Ballroom
9th November 1996

The QUINTESSENTIAL CONCERT,thats the best way I can describe the M.S.G.SHOW that I saw at the Electric Ballroom in Phoenix,AZ. It was supposed to be a warm up gig for the"MICHAEL SCHENKER STORY" tour, but it turned out to be the best concert I've ever been to in my life. I flew from Washington D.C. not knowing what to expect of the new band playing the best of Michael's stuff from,U.F.O.,M.S.G.,Scorpians,etc... The singer did an incredible job on every style of singing that he had to cover.The keyboardist/guitarist,also kicked ass in the role Paul Ramond made famous.The drummer and bassist were OUTSTANDING.They also added a huge amount to the acoustic set,taking turns playing lead and rhythm guitar with Michael.

The band played for over two hours,and Michael Schenker played his best melodies note for note.He switched from electric to acoustic and back on LOVE TO LOVE,and as always,lit the room up with his lighting guitar riffs.

His concert is so good,I'll continue to travel to see M.S.G.,as much as I can.If there ever was a concert to see, this is it. SCHENKER is truly a LEGEND.

Greg Phillips

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