MSG - Ventura Theatre and Palace
15th and 18thNovember 1996

Originally posted to AOL .. reproduced with permission

Just saw Michael twice about a week ago, in Ventura on the 15th, and at the Palace in Hollywood on the 18th. Rough show in Ventura, and he stormed off after the set, playing no encores, even after the crowd went nuts for 15 minutes. A disappointed (and rather peeved) group of folks left the theater grumbling nasty things under their breath. He did come out of the bus, with the rest of the band, to sign autographs afterwards, however.

I was quite impressed with his band. Barry Sparks, his bassist, is a virtuoso. The drummer, excellent on the old & new material alike. The singer, whose name escapes me at present, came off alot like a "soft" Bruce Dickenson, but did an admirable job at the second show I saw in Hollywood. Michael DID play encores that night. Did suffer some equipment problems, but kept his cool. I've become very fond of 'Written In the Sand'...

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