UFO at AL Gaotros, Pasadena MD
16th September 1995

It rained good tonight for the first time in a month and a week and UFO rained on us to. MAGIC Just Triangle and UFO! Yes! Triangle played well I thought. They are having a great time too. The crowd was pretty cool throughout. The excitment built prior to UFO coming on. UFO came on smoking. I thought it sounded pretty good on the right side, where I was mainly. The songs were real tight and following the usual format (set list). I'm pretty biased when it comes to Michael but he smokes every time I see him. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to see him and the rest of this smoking line-up. I just wish I could see Andy Parker. Maybe next tour, hu boys! I think its cool there closing the shows with Rock Bottom, Shoot! Shoot!, and C'Mon Everybody, which is cool! I have UFO The Early Years cd w/ C'mon Everybody and the original is way cool.

All of the band smoked this night. I was further away but I still am impressed with Phil. He signs his heart out with lots of energy. I enjoy seeing the old stuff and a couple of new things too, but it'd be neat to see more new stuff. I think the new stuff smokes.

They started out w/ Natural Thing, Mother Mary etc from 'Strangers' then 'Venus' and 'Pushed to the Limit' from 'Walk on Water' then 'Love to Love' what a song! Its my favourite UFO tune as well. Its neat with the acoustic. Paul plays so well with Michael. A good pair! Get ready Europe cause this is a special thing to see. You will all enjoy very much. This is such a great line-up to be able to see again.


Eddie Rauber

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