UFO at Jaxx Springfield, VA.
9th September 1995

I arrived pretty early to make sure I could sit up front. People began arriving, some driving from Tennessee, but there was only a couple dozen maybe in line when the doors opened. I had already decided I was going to be at Michaels feet, so there I went, knowing from previous reviews and show I saw that Michael would be stage-right. I had gone in the venue shortly after the load-in and sound-check to check out the seat scene. On stage was Michael MSG (black & white) flying-v. I solemnly bowed to the magical instrument.

We had to sit thru three (3) opening bands. Triangle had to open before the local bands. I like Triangle and having met them, I know they are good people.

When the last band was done, the true anticipation began. It blew my mind to look two feet in front of me and say Michael will be playing there shortly.

The band came on and it was ecstasy. I got a great look at true talent for an hour and 15 minutes. Basically it was the same set list as prior. Love-to-Love was great. It was one of the songs that I removed my earplugs for. I was about a foot away from Michaels acoustic in my face. All-in-all it was a great show. Pete frequented Michaels side of the stage to share a mic for backing vocals. He looks you in the eye when he's jamming. WAY cool. Paul Raymond is great and Simon is good to. Phil sounds great. I love the new stuff. I wish they played more of it on tour.

I stood in line to have them sign my cds. They are all so nice.

I'm going to the show at AL Gators in Baltimore 9/16. THANK GOD!

(From Eddie Rauber)

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