UFO at The Odeon, Cleveland
26th August 1995

I drove to Cleveland from Washington, DC to fulfill a 15-year dream of seeing Michael play electric. I can die now. I've seen MSG Unplugged and he signed my ticket, but UFO was great!!

The opening band, Triangle, was good, I thought. I spoke with the drummer after the show who told me that Michael had chosen them to open the tour after receiving many offers from bands to open. So if Michael likes them they must be good. The only drag was that the audience was giving them the finger because they kept playing. LAME

UFO came on and the place went nuts. Michaels first few leads seemed a bit off but by the second or third song he was right on. Basically the same set list as previously reviewed shows and similar to "Strangers in the Night".

Michael seems to be having the time of his life. I understand he was going to semi-retire but boy are we glad he changed his mind. This guy is a way-gifted guitar player. I could write on and on (ha!) about him but I won't. The rest of the band cooked to. Phil didn't miss a word. Pete danced around the stage all night. I think Michael is best with Paul Raymond, like Jerry Garcia w/ Bob Weir. Pauls keyboard playing is great and his guitar as well. I liked Simon on drums, he did a great job filling in.

I get to see the Baltimore and Virginia shows, thank the Lord. Cause this show is like nothing I've ever seen and I seen some of the best.

My only wish is that Michael did'nt mind taping so much. All I want to do is archive these performances for trading purposes only. But I respect Michaels wish that his image not be reproduced this way. They had video but it was cut off because the band did not want to bar taping the video.


Eddie Rauber

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