UFO at The Edge, Palo Alto CA
9th October 1995

Better than the first show! As the date of the show grew near I suddenly found myself holding 3 extra tickets, my so called friends all bailed out. Mostly due to the, "Monday night gotta work the next day blues". I was still going no matter what. I hopped in my car and headed for Palo Alto, I arrived around 7:30pm, walked up and walked in. The place was deserted, I went to the bar and got a cold one.

The first act was due to start at 8:00, Triangle was missing from the bill this time (no love loss here), instead a band from L.A., I believe the name was LOAD hit the stage around 8:45. They were actually pretty cool and delivered a short but sweet set. By this time the place was filling up, UFO finally hit the stage around 10:10pm and man did they ever deliver this time.

I thought the first show I saw (Sept. 11th) was great. From the opening chords of Natural Thing to the climatic ending of C'mon Everybody I was in Schenker heaven. Every note was crisp and clear, Phil Mogg sang to perfection and the band as a whole played brillantly. I would rate this as the best performance I have ever seen by a band. Phil was talking to the crowd and seemed much more enthusiactic, Michael was smiling and having a great time until he either got poked by a string or nailed by Pete's Bass in the head and started bleeding (who says guitar playing is not hazardous to your health?) but he bounced right back and didn't miss a beat. His roadie ran out a couple of times to wipe the blood off of his brow.

The show ended at 11:40pm, I was drained and exhausted not to mention my throat was killing me from yelling, screaming and singing. With my ears still ringing I hopped back in my car and headed home jamming to "Walk on Water". You can't help but to get caught up in the magic of these shows. Long live UFO. Rock and roll they way it should be played. Hope they come your way soon. Don't miss it!!

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